Do you personally believe in “purgatory”?

Just wondering, my cousin was explaining “Purgatory” to me. He made kind of a insinuation that If I keep making the same choices I make over and over, my soul I guess could end up in purgatory? I suppose it’s where souls go that are “In Between” Heaven and Hell? Do you believe in that? Even if there was such a place as Purgatory, would it be a good place or a terrible miserable place?

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  • That's not what purgatory is. Purgatory is where the souls of those set to go to Heaven go to get purged; that is, cleansed of their sins. Once they are sufficiently cleansed, that is, they have no more of the stain of sin left upon them, they go to Heaven. The only thing that he got correct is the location of Purgatory; that is, on the outskirts of Hell close to Heaven (or, at least, that's what many theologians think).

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  • My mother believes in this and often prays for the poor souls in the purgatory.

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  • Explains reincarnation!

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  • Oh yeah the supernatural experiences I’ve had in my life are souls that are stuck in purgatory. Some I’ve gotten a bad feeling from but some have been good spirits that emanate peace.

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  • the dingo believes in squirgatory

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  • "For it is appointed for all men to die once, and then the judgement."-Paul the Apostle

    The reality of the Christian faith is told in three phases:
    1) God created man to be a friend formed in His image
    2) Man chose to be in disagreement with God, and betrayed the Friendship. Thus followed the long history of fallen mankind, rising to the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of the Messiah Yeshua bar Joseph, also called Jesus Christ (Iesus Christos in Greek I believe). This was the physical expression of God Himself (God, like us, is also a Mind, a Body, and a Spirit, referred to as the Blessed Trinity by the Chtistian faith). Thus, comes the theme present today since the Ascencion of the Christ, which is a life of forgiveness and marked by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, as the Book of Acts refers to in chapter 2 and beyond. The forgiveness of God is available to all them which choose to recieve it through repentance and unto salvation. I will attest that the Spirit is indeed real and every bit and more what the Scriptures describe.
    3) The Eternal Judgement, and the eternal fate of the righteous and the wicked, where man is judged by whether he chose to receive God's offer of forgiveness, or chose to reject the life of repentance that precedes eternal life, full reunion with God, and a new Heaven and New Earth to those who inherit salvation. Those who have chosen to not fully receive His forgiveness are not condemned by God, but God simply honors their choice to have no part with Himself. Hell only takes volunteers, not convicts. As CS Lewis quipped once, "The doors of hell are barred from the inside." I believe this reference pertains to the nameless rich man who went yo hell in the parable Jesus gave of the beggar named Lazarus in Heaven, and the nameless rich man in hell.
    I cannot believe in purgatory personally because it is based on our fear of judgement, not a faint or grudging willingness to be united in spirit to God eventually.
    Will be happy to discuss my views

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  • I don't believe that Purgatory is real as I am not a Roman Catholic. The scriptural texts that Catholics use to justify their belief in Purgatory do not give many details of what it is like, either. It may suffice to say that different Christian writers have imagined it very differently over the course of history.

    For example Dante Alighieri (the Dante of Dante's 'Inferno') imagined purgatory as a place of learning, friendship, hard work, growth, change and healing - all of which can potentially entail struggle, but certainly not torture. Dante's 'Purgatorio' is a work of fiction, but it's an impression that I enjoyed reading nonetheless, and it makes a nice change from hellfire.

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  • Purgatory is probably like the waiting room at a DMV somewhere in West Texas.

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  • That's not purgatory, purgatory is for the holy souls that need to satisfy the punishment for their sins. There is no "neutral" afterlife in mainstream Christianity except potentially limbo, which is for baptized children deemed too young to be held accountable for mortal sin. Limbo is essentially Hell (separation from God) without the fire and physical torment.
    Fringe varieties of Christianity like Mormonism do have more "neutral" parts of the afterlife (i.e the "terrestrial kingdom") mainly because they don't conceptualize humanity as inherently sinful and deserving of punishment. But in orthodox (lower-case o) Christianity there is no place for neutral afterlife because there is no neutral humanity, rational beings are accountable for their deeds and are either with God or at enmity with God with no in between - Jesus said "He who is not with me is against me."

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  • I believe in it more than I do heaven or hell, probably because it seems more realistic. Almost everyone would end up going there, which makes sense since most people are gray.

    IIN members notwithstanding. I'm sure you guys are all fluffy puppies struggling to keep from drowning in your own innocence.

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  • No.

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