Do you name stuff?

Today while coming home from work, I heard a segment on the radio about people giving names to objects...

We've heard people give cars and boats names, but there were some weird ones there too...
Some guy that called the radio station named his vacuum cleaner "Otto" and a woman named her lawn mower "Blue diamond"

Figured it was a nice fun poll to do...

So do any of you give names to stuff you own? Any special meaning behind the name?

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  • My classical guitar is female. I simply call her Miss.

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  • My blobeye wrx was white but I painted it san remo red and ended up naming it ruby I was thinking about naming it bloody mary but I don’t want to make it seem to much like I’m driving around a bloody tampon. Becides that I don’t really name anything, this is my third car and only one I’ve ever given a name but it’s also only one I’ve ever actually done shit to and actually enjoyed having. I don’t even like red but san remo is nice especially with a lot of black to go with it. Wait nvm I did name my last car it was a Suzuki such a pile of shit and I called it Shitzuki.
    I sold it to some dumbass who blew the engine. Before I sold it and took my sticker off I took this picture

    I really hated it but also my sweet rim paint job tho 😂.

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    • Hahahaha! Love the Shitzuki. If it was so bad, why'd you buy it?

      BTW: I'd love to see a pic of the Scoobie. The way you describe it is hilarious.

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      • I at the time didn’t know as much as I do now and didn’t do my research enough. But man Forenzas along with the reno and aerio I think all came this Korea corp and they made such shitty cars.. shocker. Luckily they stopped selling in the us as of 2013 I think it was, anyways Forenzas blew headgaskets like crazy and were just the fucking worst. The Korea corp owned 20% of Suzuki and it was a GM Daewoo bullshit. The Forenza ended up being I think the worse car they produced and ended in a lot of lawsuits. Not to mention Suzuki already being like super bankrupt.

        I originally was like well shit they make good dirtbikes why not get a reliable yet ugly car so I bought it I kinda jumped on whatever I could get which was my first mistake. And obviously it’s just a chevy optra/ daewoo lecceti with a suzuki badge nothing actually nice.

        Of course when I got it, it needed a new headgasket. and I ran through a few thermostats that wouldn’t quit sticking till I eventually said fuck it and drilled a hole in it. I ended up replacing everything in the cooling system every hose eventually got a leak I went through two water pumps. Then my transmittion started leaking and Forenzas don’t have a dipstick so that was hell. My engine started leaking oil so fucking fast. I swear every day with that pile was a problem after another. On the bright side it having so many issues meant I learned a lot and fixing stuff myself was fun and I learned how much I truly liked working on cars even if it ment I was ready to drive it off a cliff.

        Sure I’ll post a link of it I love painting and a went a lil crazy on it I have a black sti spoiler on it too and used a little nightshade on my taillights. I like the red/black theme. Not so much on the shitty truck becide it tho (not mine).
        I plan on getting some new black rims but in the mean time painted what came on it.
        I love this car and I really want a later 90’s impreza and thinking of painting it rally blue with some golden rims 😍 then to rice tf out of it probably lift this one mines lowered rn and sometimes I wish I had a lifted one. Gc8’s look amazing lifted and with some small fender flares. But I put a sway bar on mine and between that and being lowered rolling through curved hills is just the best.

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        • Dude, that Scoobie looks nice. I love a good red and black combo. You should definitely upgrade the rims tho, get some OZ Superlegera style ones. Even if it's not OZ, cause they are expensive af, that style of rims is perfect for any Impreza.

          Anyway, here is a picture of my E420 CDI...

          420hp and 950Nm of twin-turbo V8 glory.

          Today I bought cheap flight tickets for me and my girl, cause I have about a week and a half vacation for Easter. So I can't wait to be back home in Bulgaria and start work on my S600 I bought and even made 2 long sappy posts about it.

          Even tho I've been away from the car, I've had a good friend of mine (neighbor) take the car to a guy that specializes in body work and rust. He's gotten rid of the rust and the car is ready for painting. A set of airmatic shocks have been delivered to my house in Bulgaria, along with filters, serpentine belt, a new fuel pump, a headlight, a taillight and a trunk from an S320... Had another friend run the car through MB Star diagnostic.

          Ignition coil on the left bank is going out, so is the airmatic compressor. There were a bunch of other faults, fuel pump is almost dead since the car had been sitting on a parking lot for about 6 years...

          So when I get back home, I can swap out the shock absorbers, do the fuel pump, trunk, the lighting and some basic maintenance and see what else I have to fix, before focusing on other issues and maybe tuning in the future, cause I kinda want to turbo my S600...
          Cause it's basically a downtuned S65, but turbo work is stupidly expensive, even in Bulgaria...

          I was originally gonna work on my E24 635CSI for Easter, but she can wait a bit... S-class needs some emergency work done. Besides, I wanna go out for a small drive with her.

          Picture of my S-class in it's current state:

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          • Thanks and that is the style I like they sure do look amazing on any impreza.

            And holy shit pulling almost double hp I got and double the turbo really showing me up here It looks so clean.

            Damn that’s quite a bit to do but at least it’s nothing very serious. I’m wondering how it’ll be when you’re done especially with a turbo that would be really nice. I have a engine swap in my near future for another wrx engine (cause subies and every 100k replacement) if replacing the headgasket and turbo wasn’t so expensive I would just keep what I have.

            I’d love to have some project cars that’s goals right there.

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            • Thanks man, she's my baby. This picture was taken after doing some detailing. I always go for the shiny showroom look with my cars.

              Originally the E420 makes 310hp and 730Nm and it was ok, but I wanted more...

              So I did an ECU remap, gutted the DPFs, got rid of the EGR, installed a secondary transmission cooler and an exhaust system from an AMG E-class for an angrier, beefier, bassier exhaust sound.

              At idle she makes a proper V8 rumble. I love it.

              Here's a shot of the back, you can see the quad exhaust.

              As for the S-class, I won't rush things. Ignition pack alone costs 500-700 Euros... I'm hoping I can diagnose the individual faulty coils and replace them. Making the job a lot cheaper. Individual coils cost about 50 bucks a pop, but the diagnostic computer shows a generic ignition coil code, meaning it could be just a bad ignition coil, or worst case scenario - bad coil pack. Dealers usually rush to replacing the entire thing, cause it's easy to do. Opening up the coil pack is an absolute bitch.

              As for the turbos... all I have to do is find a good pair for an AMG model. Cause my S600 (500hp one) already has two turbos, but they are smaller and produce less boost, than the AMG ones.
              Turbos will set me back about 1600 Euro at best.
              700 for each turbo and 200 bucks to make them work, courtesy of a friend of mine that tunes cars. Expecting to see 600hp and about 950Nm should I upgrade the turbos. But this is going to be a future project, after I'm done restoring the S-class and my 6-series.

              Cause I got plans for the old Beamer too...
              Here she is, Raquelle in all her glory:

              Good luck with your Subie engine swap. Boxers are great when new, but ruin your life when they get old... Done any performance mods to it?

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  • Often it helps to identify the item.

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  • On the couch we have four of those poop emoji pillows. Two guy ones, a girl one, and a tiny one that you squeeze and it makes fart noises.

    We call it the "family of shit pillows"

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  • My guitar is called Billie Joe. I knew I’d call him that as soon as I saw him on display in the music shop. I kept accidentally calling him “he” whilst I was testing him out and I think the assistant thought I was weird.

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    • That's the personal connection thing I keep talking about.
      You form a sort of bond with an object and that object is special to you. Emotion, psychology, history... Who knows...
      A lot of people don't get that.

      I was like this with my cars. It was love at first sight and it's just these cars. I've even driven Ferraris and didn't get attached.

      Wonder if there is a more fanciful way to spell Raquel?
      To match the style of my 635CSI BMW... She's a diva, high maintenance, 80s gal, knows she's high class and is smug about it XD

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  • I tend to name any of my Pc’s or cellphones depending on how good they are/ what they look like for example I currently call my White iPhone XR “Milky Way”

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  • Only my car at this point, but yes.

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  • I name chicks in my phone various things like, "I have someone else calling right now" and "I'm out of town" so I don't make the mistake of talking to them when I am too drunk to fuck.

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  • I give special items names if I get them under unusual circumstances. When I got my large backpack from basic training I called it Alpha. When i got a black civilian backpack from Japan i named it kuro. When I got my first 9mm I named it despereaux. And my deer gutting knife is named Syöstä from my great grandfather from Finland (it's a very old knife).

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  • My phones name is Jackson, off of the cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy (my phone is a Galaxy 6)

    My cars name is Rick off of Rick and Morty because the cars paint is the color of his hair and its such a pain in the ass but it can drive warp speed

    So yeah. It's fun :)

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    • Better than your car being a Jerry, am I right? XD
      Then it will be a pain in the ass and it won't go anywhere.

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  • I nane my stuffies, theres fuzzy wuzzy, penguin, pp, bamboo, sanic, Rickey Bobby, Fredrick, um ok i guess i haven't named all my stuffies but that's the names so far

    OOh yea there's Gunther as well, pp's brother

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  • I have a coin Bank named Katharine. She's named after one of the people that have appeared in dreams since 2004.

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  • I have one lawnmower that I call America and another I call suby. I also call one of my cars the copper.

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  • I once named a car Roger.

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  • Yes

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  • does mr coffee count?

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    • Well, I am guessing you were not the one who named him that. So, it doesn't really count...

      BUT, at least you can "count" on Mr. Coffee to give you rich, flavorful refreshment. Get it, "count"?

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  • I'll go first. I do name my cars. I love cars, I love driving and certain cars do make me feel right. So the cars I feel right in - I name...

    My 2005 C220 is called "Merie" - My first car. I liked the ring of it, it's a nice version of "Maria" and kinda sounds more elegant. The only one, other than my parents to be by my side in my hardest times.
    She's a garage princess.

    My semi-broken down E24 635CSI BMW is called Raquelle. She is a high maintenance diva with an attitude. At least she starts and has new suspension...
    A garage hog and hopefully future garage princess.

    My 2007 E420 is called Alessandra. She's Merie's bolder, more expensive sister XD
    First called her "Merie 2", cause I couldn't think of a name.
    Also a garage princess.

    My broken down S600 I bought a few weeks ago is called Sylvia. Had an ex with the same name. And she was in many ways similar to my S-class project car. Both are fragile, unappreciated and both need love.
    The one who got a second chance.

    My 2017 C350e hybrid doesn't have a name yet, cause I haven't been able to think of a fitting name...

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    • Maybe call it "Karenreichenschrieken" or whatever female names they use in Germany.

      You do know naming cars is more of a woman thing.
      Look, if you are gay or want to be a woman, it is okay. I am transgender myself, but I don't name my cars, that is just TOO effeminate. But here on IIN, all types are welcome.

      But even so - I named my room mate's car "monstrous piece of shit". I call my own car "the A to B appliance".

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      • Hahahaha! While some German girl names aren't very elegant like Uda, or Bertha... There are also sexy ones Brigitte, Ingrid, Karen.

        Also what's wrong with being a straight man, who names his cars? I'm a car guy and naming a car for me, makes it a more personal thing y'know...
        The bond between man and machine. You take care of the car, car takes care of you. Besides, lots of curves on cars are inspired by women, or were designed by women.

        PS: You still up for a boozy roadtrip across America, exploring the history of alcohol in the States in a pink Prius called Daisy? If I have excess money I don't know what to do with in the next few years, I'll buy the Prius, ship it to the US and come to visit, cause I want to share the Prius experience with you XD

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        • Assuming you speak German, is what I typed even pronounceable?

          Uda? I bet she would be popular in school. Glasses, zits, braces. Naming a kid that is child abuse.

          Do not buy a Prius though, even for someone else. They would make you give up your "man card". You know, one year of those things looks like a space alien in front. Like a retarded one.

          I have named cars before but they are never particularly nice. Like red grand prix I called "The red nightmare" cause it broke down often.

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          • Nicholas Cage named his car, and I see his face in all kinds of chicks. Hardly gay.

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          • What you typed is easily pronounceable, but it's not a name. If you said it to a German, they'd give you a confused look.

            Only nonsense part of that is "shrieken"
            Karen is a name and "reichen" is another version of "reich", meaning rich, or reich (German reichs)

            Here are two nice and long German words you can try to pronounce. Go surprise your friends with wicked German skillz. These are real words btw...

            Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitänskajüte - river ship captain's cabin

            Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung - car insurance

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