Do you like the smell of your own body order and your partners?

I have grown to enjoy my own body odor I hardly ever use Deodorant and I can still smell my self stepping out of a hot shower. I have been attracted to female body odor but now I'm marred to a intersext person she has strong BO and does not used deodorant only if going to the doctor's office Ect Its very comling and also a huge sexual turn one!

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  • So you are fond of the chucha I see.

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  • Yeah as long as they aren't on their period and have showered within the last two days or so the body odor smells good. I don't mind the smell of deodorant or perfume either as long as it isn't overpowering or that cheap fruity kind.
    Can't speak for male body odor

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  • Just a faint whiff of body odor from a hot chic is ok. Like the musky smell between a womans legs. Only if she has good hygiene but just got done sweating or something. If she doesn't shower much it'll be nasty.

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