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The Thousand Dong Stare

M'lady, I doth declare it -
the truth, and nothing more -
That I am straight, I swear it -
Though m'lord exits the back door.

M'lady, please don't think me
Rude and implacable.
M'lord doth wish to drink me,
For I am barebackable.

M'lady, I'm no strange one
Whereof I get my kicks.
But, do you derange one
With your lack of dicks.

Is it normal, m'lady
That though I straight must be
I'd slop a poll today'dy
For him I do lust, he.

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  • If the Middle Ages had IIN bards would post this shit every week.

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    • Mayhaps it be in the realm of reason for an amorous lover of the fair kind to want for piercing thro' by his lordship's lance? I doth swear it, sire, that I love singly maidenhood.

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  • What do you think of my song lyrics I just came up with:


    Dry your eyes, my darling,
    Time has come for me to fly (go?),
    Many happy times were shared,
    They will never die.


    Dry your eyes, my darling,
    'Tis the way that things must be,
    Many happy tears were shed,
    but time won't wait for me.

    Hold me close, my darling,
    I don't want to see you cry,
    Though it's hard to say goodbye,
    Our memories will not die.

    Take my hand, my darling,
    I must now leave you behind,
    Love was not for me to find,
    I'm unable to rewind....

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  • Yosh

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  • It's an obscene poem that probably shouldn't exist, but it is skilfully written.

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  • I think it’s brilliant

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  • Thy words hath moistened m'lady's undergarments! I declare indeed, she gusheth forth as if a geyser of burning, womanly desire

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  • Nothing.

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  • Well it does fit into this website at least. XD

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  • Hickory dickery dickery dock
    a little mouse went up my

    He ran out of like when he reached the top
    and made a bad landing on his

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