Do you know anyone who can build a film studio?

I need help with finding a builder and have them build a film studio. I thought I would ask you if you know any way to contact one of them. The reason for this is because most films are of some kind of agenda. Not to many shows and movies that don't feature gay kissing now days. Plus they're people that ruin stuff with feminism amongst other things. Not saying that I want it completely excluded, but very minimumal. The reason I don't to completely is you can't be inclusive and diverse without it. The whole point of business is to make money, but I will do way with it. As much as I can with my film studio. I want to have my TV Shows and Films be more family focused and to have traditional way of telling stories. The stuff people want to go out and see. Plus, I want content to respect the source material. The location is in Ranger, GA as Atlanta is too far away. I just need your help at knowing where to go and who to call.

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  • do you even have the money for it? building your own film studio plus producing your own movie/films is gonna take millions if not more

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  • Good luck, even Hallmark destroyed their reputation and sold their soul.

    If you are serious I can recommend a couple places and people to start. What help they can offer I don't know.

    Kendrick brothers, Sherwood studios in Albany ga.

    Kirk Cameron, Cloud Ten Pictures, in Canada

    A couple actors that have been known to support and produce Christian content. Louis Gossett Jr. and Mel Gibson although Mel basically got riden out of Hollywood on a rail for the production of the Passion of Christ film.

    Be ready for the backlash the film industry is not very nice or accommodating to those that support more than just lip service to the Christian community.

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  • Yeah, you're not going to have much luck finding people on this site that know shit like that.

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  • I think Lego has something on this subject

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  • Generally people want to come up with new ideas for shows, rather than milking dead genres.

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