Do you guys believe in the law of attraction?

Has anyone ever used the law of attraction and if yes what are your success stories??
and has anyone ever used it to attract a specific person and how did you do it?

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  • It's total bullshit

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  • Sounds like a fairy tale.

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  • The what?

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  • I think the law of attraction, reliable or unreliable, isn't worth the risk.
    say it does work, wouldn't you be insecure the entire time that it's not necessarily you that earnt it and it could fade away in dark times?

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  • Well I usually don’t, if people like me they like me and if they don’t, they just don’t.
    My dad is really into that and always talks about stuff like that, but it just seems fake and doesn’t work at all, but he keeps talking about it.
    I can be very gloomy at times and still attract people I now care about
    Just happens
    U know actually I got very confused at that one cuz first I thought u meant Schopenhauer, then how to act to make another interested in u and then the thing about ur well, positive energies and how they attract people with ur inside or stuff
    Which one exactly was it? I wrote something about the third one mostly

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