Do you feel we base too much of our identity on our music taste?

It's normal for the things we like to shape our identity and obviously for our identities to shape the things we like.

I just feel a lot of people build walls when talking about music or perhaps identify so far into a genre that to even say you like the sound of something outside of it to your comrades, is like mutiny or something.

I guess people naturally have a desire to belong, and if they find a group , there's a level of primal bond and common dislike of other groups that develops.

almost like groups in high school, you have the jocks,goths,nerds, ect.. it seems like sometimes this same mentality lives on in the music world, like you find a general group "identity" and to step out from it and claim to like something that doesn't belong to that general group then you are outcast or annoyingly laughed at, even if in just a playful way.

It's like a rap gangster dude couldn't put his ONE country song on he likes with his friends because people would judge him.

i personally listen to, classic rock, indie, acoustic, alternative, phycadelic, experimental, classical,folk, ect.. most of the time

But i also Have some select, rap,pop, electric dance, & heavy metal music i also enjoy.

Even with music i strongly dislike i can usually at least feel that the person is expressing themselves and it may be in a way i don't relate to as much, but still... right on to them for letting their colors bleed out into "sound art?" for others who would relate to it.

Sometimes it just feels like people feel a little too cool about the music the like, as if their insane spiral into heavy metal makes them tough or their love of folk makes them charismatic and sensitive.

I guess it's because music does in turn reflect who we are to some extent, but it just seems as if sometimes it's takin too far, as if people get narrow minded and will automatically resist any kind of music that doesn't fit the image of themselves that they've created.

you hear people say things like "this song is my guilty pleasure" trying to justify themselves, but why does it have to be guilty, why can you not be a metal head and totally dig a new pop song, or be a rapper who digs an ol time country song or whatever it be. like why do people associate music genres with such personified stigma, why can you just not openly like every song you happen to like?

Obviously you can, a lot of people do, but many don't.

Kind of rambling now haha , interested to hear you thoughts?

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  • I think for the most part this is only true of very young people. Adults tend not to do this, although there are exceptions of course.

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  • Kinda yes, kinda no.

    I think songs can mean a lot to people, because everything that we are that we can't share perfectly with other people is what it feels like to be us, but songs can make us feel that in a way that no other artistic medium can so suddenly and powerfully, so when people defend a song, it's more like they're defending what the song made them feel, and at a stretch, what it feels like to be them.

    But in the end, it's just a song.

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  • I have quite a variety I like depending what I feel like listening to usually I listen to rock/metal. I love music tho I almost always have something on. I don’t really get into what other people listen to or pay much attention to it. I swear not long ago I was riding in the car with one friend and was jamming to 80’s and didn’t even know she liked it.

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  • I believe that musical preference can give an idea on what someone's like. I've developed a great interest in old music from before the 1950s in the past few years, and have watched many old films from the same eras. I know that it's made me appear kinda old fashioned in some ways, I tend to have more of a simplicity in some ways which matches me a little closer to people back then. I have more manners than alot of strictly modern people. I look at relationships as more important than flings and sex. Overall, my taste in old music does probably somewhat give the idea that I'm sort of a couple generations behind in my character, personally, and ways. I'm honestly becoming not bothered by that anymore, now being 43 years old. I'm past the age of trying to impress people and worrying what they think of me.

    Around 20 years ago, it was different. I was always listening to the latest hit music, keeping up with the latest styles and fashions, looking for hookups (so were almost everyone else I knew my age back then), and going to parties and nightclubs (but even then, I wasn't as crazy into all that than some). People do change as they age. And stop caring as much what others think, as I have.

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  • I listen mostly to indie music, guess i'm a hipster 🤔

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  • When people judge other's taste in music then it is easy to base part of one's identity on their music.

    I think that is why a lot of people keep their music to themselves unless they are in good company to discuss it.

    One good thing when we get a bit older though is if we listen to what we grew up with (like I do), at least the young generation won't laugh as much. I mean like you could listen to Taylor Dayne around your kids' friends and all they would say is, "What is that crap?"

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  • I don’t know what this says about my personality but I like a little bit of everything especially soundtracks from movies and video games. And I’m only picky about rap, I can hear the story but a lot of it is a really crap stories.

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