Do you ever fear you're dying when you get pain somewhere?

Headache, backache, chest pain etc?

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  • Used to suffer of aneurysm and thought it would be an absolute end to me. Didn't expect I am still here.

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  • Never in my life I felt that an injury was life threatening enough where I would contemplate if I would survive it.

    It's not to say I wasnt severely injured before, just that I've held a surprisingly optimistic attitude about it. Instinct also saved my life a few times so not alot of time to contemplate about the full ramifications until after the threat was delt with.

    I was snowmobiling when I was 17 and I almost fell from a cliff that was 80 or so feet to a highway, so no relatively cushy landing if I did fall. It was an icy corner and I skidded to the point of me just bailing after a second or skidding too fast towards an impending cliff. Thankfully that also saved the sled as my lack of weight on it cut down on the momentum and it only barely fell down the decline and not completely off the cliff.

    Life contemplation caught up with me 30 minutes later and ooh boy was that not a good feeling. That and a cracked rib.

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  • I'm not afraid of dying. Its a totally natural and expected process.

    I learned to accept in my early teenage years that I was already dying. We are all dying. We were in fact born to die someday.

    On average it takes 50-80 years for a person; but it can be minutes after birth to well over 100 years.

    People who die unexpectedly rarely can predict the cause of death.

    People who die of certain illnesses many times understand that they may be dying, or could die as a result of that illness.

    I've never met anyone of advanced age who did not understand that ultimately they would die of old age if nothing else killed them first.

    Why should I, or anyone, be afraid of dying - even if their are certain physical symptoms?

    The key to life is to know how much you have helped others. If I were to die today (even in a few minutes); I know that I have made a positive impact on the world and that I achieved some personal goals in life that were not easy.

    While I would like to accomplish more - ultimately what more can I really ask for than what I already have?

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    • Huh because most people don't want to die..

      You sound suicidal tbh. I'm young I haven't lived yet at all...why would I be cool with dying young?

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      • There is nothing suicidal about me or the philosophy.

        I'm part American Indian and grew up taking with some of them. There is a whole culture of acceptance of death with many of the American Indian tribes.

        Today is a good day to die. That does not mean I want to die... but I accept that it could happen today.

        I've also lived my life in such a way to be sure that I have passed on something positive every since I was a younger teenager... So I know that I have positively impacted the world. I have very few regrets in life, and they are not significant.

        Very few of us know the time or place of death.

        I'm not worried if it happens in 5 minutes or 50+ years from now...

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        • Well you must be older because I'm young I haven't done anything yet..

          It's weird not to care if you die lol. I never heard anyone say that before other than suicidal people. I care because all I did was go to school, fight depression and that's been it so far. I want to live not die. I want to travel to another state, another country, go out with friends, get married, have a family, volunteer, study at University etc

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          • Then live... no one can stop you from doing that.

            When you find life... you may also start to think about how it ends and what terms you would like to exist that you can control.

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            • Have to get out of my depression first still in therapy for it. Don't feel much of anything yet no enjoyment but working on it

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