Do you envy the praise others get?

Other people get people all over them, saying they're so good, and not to yourself, doesn't that make you jealous and want to say "how come they don't say I'm so great?", leave a comment and tell me what you think. :)

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  • I’m the opposite. If someone praises me, I get awkward and don’t know what to do. I feel like they’re lying or making fun of me when people say I did well. Sometimes I get mad, insecure, confused, panicky, or just feel demotivated when someone congrats me. I don’t like the attention and I don’t want to know if others think high or low of me. I want to be the sole judge of myself. Prob why I don’t congrat other people, too.

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    • Well done (is that a congratulation?), it's a hard life, but we can live lives of simplicity, it's all good!

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  • Nope, not really. For the most part I'm too lazy to do the all the work that other people do to gain so much praise, and recognition. We all have own strengths, and weaknesses. My sister helps my elderly parents with certain logistical, and business type of matters. I, on the other hand, am the person who is called to pray with immediate, and extended family when someone dies. I'm also the person who cuts my parents toenails which can be rather daunting when dealing with an eighty two year old, and a seventy nine year old. I'm also summoned to carry larger, heavier things. I will probably be the person who just may have to wipe their behinds. I have cleaned their soiled underwear before.

    I'm good at things my sister is not good at, and she is good at things I'm not good at so it all works out in the end.

    I have, in the past, felt envy for the praise, and recognition that others have received, but that was mostly in my youth. Since the age of 39, or 40 I've started to learn about gratitude. So my therapist started having me make lists of what I'm grateful for rather than only only focusing on what I don't have, or get. Also, a really great tip that I picked up was to pray for people I resent, which is no small task. The first few times I did this it felt awful, like I was somehow betraying myself, but now it's not so bad.

    I drive a convertible, wear department store cosmetics and have the sweetest blue point Siamese cat so life isn't all that bad. Also my elderly parents are still alive, and I have a roof over my head so that's a lot more than many people have.

    Self esteem comes from performing esteemable. If you do the next right thing you can secure in knowing that no one can take that away from you.

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  • Fucking hate it. It's like they are so special and we are nothing. Even when been through he'll and back, done important things, we are invisible. You know what I say... Fuck them.
    What is important is that you know you are a good person and have done right by you. If they don't see it then they are worth it

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