Do you diet

Whats type of diet do you follow? Standard American diet? Keto? Low fat? What do you do?

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  • No because I know how to excersizse and lead a healthy life making the need to diet rather unnecessary

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  • unintentinally and sometimes intentionally I forget to eatbut I do not reccomend

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  • I do not. I usually don't feel hungry during the day. I have breakfast and then during the day I might grab a snack, if at all. I never skip dinner, I like the feeling of being full in the evening. However, I can eat quite a lot on some days. Just yesterday I was at a birthday dinner and I ate more than anybody else.

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  • Nope. I eat what I want as and when I please. And as I am rarely hungry these days anyway, so usually I eat one meal, and maybe a snack for the whole day, and a smoothie for breakfast, I do not gain weight. I have been skinny all my life

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  • I dont diet per say but I definitely restrict what I eat. I keep a limited food supply in my truck so for for 5 days out of the week i can decide between eating some pretzels or just going to sleep for the night.

    I eat a vitamin every day to make sure I dont get scurvy.

    To be fair it's working out great. I lose 2 pounds a week doing it this way. I eat the occasional hot meal. Probably scrape by each week by only spending like 30 bucks.

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  • High fat low carb. The vast majority of my food intake comes from meat. The other from vegetables. I cook overthing in extra virgin olive oil or MCT oil. I eat more fruit than I should in the summer. I dont do any cokes or fruit juice. I drink milk sometimes becauae I eat spicy food. I stay away from candy or sugar foods. Dont eat bread.

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