Do you cringe when people say they "pivoted"?

Ever since they came up with this word for 'changing professions', I cringe.
It feels like something yuppies say. Or people say it, and pretend they really understand it what they mean.

Because pivoting suggests you are going from one thing to another, but it's totally possible you could go back to what you did before.

Exactly how often does that happen?
Enough for EVERYONE to say this damn word anytime they talk about their career moves?
It's just the new buzz word to make potential employers think you're a more competent, qualified candidate.

Or more important, or something.

I've gone from job to job my entire life. I never 'pivoted' once, even when I went back to an old job a few different times.
What's the point in saying it?
Oh I was working at a bar, then pivoted to do something else, then I went back to the bar again because it was a decent job.
Then I pivoted again because I wanted to be a barista now. Now I am working at a restaurant again, so I guess I pivoted back to that.

Yeah. I don't think anyone thinks like that. Or shouldn't pretend that they do. Nobody pivots. They go to the next big thing or whatever success comes their way. But if they leave a job they hated, or were fired, or laid off even, or were ashamed at all, and had to get some other job instead, THAT'S when I wonder if people would say they 'pivoted', in some attempt to make themselves feel better and wash over that guilt and shame...

And I've had a lot of guilt and shame in quitting or leaving jobs. Rage quitting a few, guilt quitting, etc. But I never pivoted. Pivot to what? It's just life. I went and did something else instead. Of course to a potential employer I would make it seem like I wanted things to go this way, focus on the positives and all, focus on what I learned and what I can learn yada yada.

Pivot is just speak people use to sound more important.
Pivoting is insulting to people who don't have a choice. People who are railroaded in their careers, or can't really do much else with themselves or their lives. They can't pivot even if they tried. Or rather, at least in the same way most people are using the word nowadays. Of course there's something else they could do. And they could go BACK to what they did before, that would truly pivoting.

But if you're never going to go back to what you did before, if that chapter is closed or that bridge is burned, or you're just living life and this is what's now and what's next... is it truly pivoting? No. You're just going from one thing to the next.

I work at a restaurant now and if I were to get a job at a movie theater again, I won't say I pivoted. What's the point? Just gobbledygook.

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  • I dont think I've ever seen ot heard pivoted used ever

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  • I feel like you're just getting triggered over a word abit. It might be a stupid word but so what?

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  • I've noticed an increase in the use of the word "pivot" but not in the context of changing careers. That's a new one for me. Seems like a poor choice of words in that context.

    But yeah, it seems like it's the latest buzz word along with the phrase "circle back". I think people pick this shit up from political talk and then use it to sound "In the know."

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    • Yeah, or ‘unpacking’.

      As if what you’re telling them is just so overwhelming, they need to unpack it. An ex-therapist of mine said that from time to time and it just made me feel weird or stupid for venting.

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  • What? Pivot as in the software? 😂

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  • I cannot help,but think think of Ross from Friends carrying that couch up the stairs. PIVOT-PIVOT-PIVOT!!

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  • I don't care. My suggestion is find something else to get upset about, like incorrect use of pronouns.

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    • Like they’re/their/there?

      If you’re talking about he/him/they/blah blah blah, I don’t give a crap unless you’re actually trans or NB

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  • When people are frustrated, overwhelmed, and upset they tend to use key words to describe situations.

    Different words go in and out of fashion in (my observation) about the same numbers of years that hemlines rise and fall (pick where they are at now... when will they complete the full fashion cycle and return to where they are now again.

    Pivot just happens to be in fashion at this time...

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    • Definitely but it doesn’t have the same feeling as people who use other slang words such as yeet, fire, clutch, ratchet, etc.

      It feels a little uppity. And I hate that.

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  • I dunno, but I've been tired of hearing the word amazing for quite a long time now. I'm not gonna psychoanalyze it, but if it makes you feel better this use of pivot sounds awful to me.

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