Do you clean the can/bottle before consumption?

I imagine that when you're picking up a bottle/can of something from the store, there's probably already been a bunch of hands that touched the same thing. Wouldn't it unsanitary to drink/eat from it without cleaning it first? Or am I just being too paranoid?

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  • I don't do this but I can definitely see why one would.

    They've been in factories, transportation trucks, store warehouse/stockroom, then sitting out on the shelf of a store. All of those places could be really dirty and infested.

    I've seen a video of a big rat pissing all over a crate of coke cans in a warehouse.

    Really it begs the question of why I still don't wash them before use. I guess I'm just gross.

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  • I always wipe off the cans I buy sometimes things get dusty or as you said a lot of people touch it I grew up and learned that it’s good to wipe it off since you don’t know where it’s been.

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  • I don't do this, and I've never seen someone else do it. But washing off your bottles or cans would sense, seeing as you're right about them being touched by dozens, if not hundreds, of people. Overall though, cleaning it isn't exactly worth the effort, especially knowing you probably can't 100% sanitize it even if you wanted to.

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  • I prefer it to be dirty. This works my immune system. Thats also why I dont shower and I eat butthole. Also I shave my asshole. When I'm bored sometimes I play with my dick. When its a full moon I usually dont notice. Because I never check the moon. Ya know?

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  • I don't clean it. I just open it up and stick a straw in it.

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  • I mean, they're not touching what's inside, and if it was opened already I would hope no one would buy it. Unless you're putting your mouth all over the side of the bottle/can where people have held it, I don't see the issue.

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