Do you buy coats one size up?

I'm trying to decide to buy a coat my size or up one size but it's online so I can't try it on it's for black Friday, a good deal

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  • When I buy a coat I swear a sweater when trying on. If it fits snug but comfortable with the sweater there you go. But if it's snug and restrictive I go a size up. I always have a sweater with me so a coat must be able to accommodate layering in my opinion. But ultimately it depends on your area. In mine during the winter it's cold enough to kill you so layering I important along with quality kit. But if you are buying a coat in an area that's like 20 at worst it's not to important

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  • I buy XL which is the size shirt I wear. Sometimes I do wear L in shirts too. So just make sure its not small but doesnt necessarily have to be one size up.

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  • I usually buy one size up just in case, unless it's not possible. I thrifted all my coats though except from one therefore they're slightly too small. Fit perfectly but can't wear layers under them which sucks on coldass days. So i'd definietely recommend one size up for clothing you wear in the winter months.

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  • Ah coats..those funny padded shirts humans wear.

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  • I don't buy clothing online from brands I am not familiar with.

    It's very hard for me to find shirts that fit even half way right.

    Pants/slacks also.

    It's not uncommon to try a dozen different brands to find something the works well enough as a shirt; or fits right as pants/slacks.

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