Do you believe in an afterlife?

Just curious because it seems like a lot of is it normal members are atheists but idk if that’s just the vocal minority

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  • I definitely believe that the soul goes on after the body expires. One of the basic precepts of science is that energy can’t either be created or destroyed. The energy of the soul goes on in another dimension.

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    • Your energy isn't destroyed, it goes on and is used up by other organisms. But you're destroyed, all the information in your brain that made up your personality/memories is lost.

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    • It's a comforting thought and your reference to the first law of thermodynamics is relevant, but it ignores the fact that energy can be transformed from one form to another.

      It's possible you believe that 'soul energy' is some woo-woo form of energy not yet observed and quantified by science. If that's the case, then you can declare that whatever rules you choose apply to it. However, if you accept that consciousness is something that exists only because of electro-chemical signals in the structure of the brain, then it's obviously possible for that energy to ultimately transform into heat energy which is dissipated into the body's surroundings once those electro-chemical reactions cease due to lack of oxygen and nutrients.

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    • That's actually technically not always true

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  • I like this question; whoever asked this, you're good at providing the right answers. Idk what myself, but I belive in an afterlife.

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  • I do believe maybe in kind of like “Judgement Day” or something maybe? They say “Only God can Judge you, don’t let other people judge you.”? I think when you’re dead, that’s what happens, You get judged as what kind of man or woman or person you were when you were living maybe?

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  • I'm not sure its a physical place (it may be in another realm entirely); but, yes I believe that there is overwhelming evidence of an afterlife (both Heaven and Hell).

    The key evidence comes from the people who deal with people on their deathbed (typically medical) - from all parts of the world and all kinds of different beliefs:

    It is very commonly reported that its not uncommon for a medical team to save a person that was on the verge of death -and that a noticeable percentage of them have 2 immediate reactions.

    1) They are totally terrified of what they saw and expected to experience. Some will very briefly say that they saw some form of dark hell waiting for them. Then in a few moments they totally suppress this memory and forget about it...

    2) Others tell of how peaceful and joyful they saw their next stage in life and that they knew friends were waiting for them. The may report that all they had to do was walk towards the light when they were pulled back to their body.

    A number of these people remember this experience... and they know that they have lived a good life and need to continue it.

    These "Heaven or Hell" experiences are reported to occur to people of all faiths around the world.

    When you have literally thousands of reported cased around the world from different individuals with reports over a thousand years old to current year; and of all faiths (or lack of faiths)... That tells me that there has to be truth to it.

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  • I believe there is something. I don't know what it is exactly. I think Heaven. There have just been to many accounts from across the world from people of all different faiths and cultures that have had near death experiences to just dismiss the possibility. I know one thing for sure is that no one here really knows the answer. Guess we'll all find out one day.

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  • No, I don't believe it anything, but I can't say I'm 100% sure about it.

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  • I believe in heaven but death still scares me despite that.

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  • I think it's possible there could be something. I know just because our conscious dies that doesn't mean we're totally erased from the world. Vultures eat too, you know

    I have this one idea, about size being a factor in existence. Bacteria's kinda flat, almost like two dimensional. We're big enough to look down upon bacteria with microscopes, and we live in a three dimensional plane. And I don't think bacteria comprehend our world, our size, that they're a part of another living thing, so why would we of something big enough to look down upon us like bacteria. And who knows what existence is like at that size, maybe somehow our universe to them could be like fertile soil for us

    I also think like, well, scientists think there was a mass of energy that was fuel for the big bang. Like all existence in the entire universe came from this mass of energy. Maybe our consciousness comes from that energy also. Maybe once all the matter in the universe gets sucked into black holes and resets that mass of energy somehow, the energy that helped create life this time will make it again after the next big bang, if it works like that anyway. We have no clue what happens inside black holes so it seems possible. Even though life won't go on continuously, existence would, and it all comes down to energy, which is also how the universe is built now with matter and fundamental forces. It all just kinda lines up for me

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  • No, it's all fake.

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  • I just admit I dont know. No one really knows for sure I dont understand why everyone has such a strong opinion on it. We will find out when we die. Or we wont.

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  • No.

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  • Reincarnation would be my favorite option
    If Hell doesn’t exist, it should
    Heaven is a nice idea for when your loved ones pass
    If the afterlife is nothing, I guess it wouldn’t matter lol

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