Do these people deserve to be banned?

So lately there's a trend on Twitch where people are getting banned for streaming copyright content, to some extents people have been claiming that its fair use its even gotten to a point where people are getting a DMCA complaint.

Do you think they deserve it?

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  • It depends on the individual cases. I cant make a blanket statement and say they all did or didnt deserve it. It should be a case by case thing.

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  • Oh abso-fucking-lutely. I'm sorry but in what world do piss-ant, invalid, IQ the height of electrical socket, ape-man Hasan Piker get to sit down, steal the content of people that actually put work in to produce content, and gain financial income from stealing that content and broadcasting it to his own audience while doing little to nothing to make it transformative?

    I couldn't believe that dude, he deadass thinks he's entitled to take someone else's work and essentially claim it as his own and has the nerve to act offended that he isn't just free to make a fortune on someone else's work because he's too much of a lazy asshole to find something to do himself to entertain his audience.

    God, Twitch streamers genuinely are the worst.

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  • Arguing fair use is almost impossible because even if you have a solid argument and can explain how the context in which you used the clips legally classifies as fair use, whether or not your use of the content is deemed as fair use ultimately comes down to the subjective opinion of a judge or committee. And more often than not, those people will favor large corporations with huge financial backing over a struggling content creator

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