Do the people at the garbage dump sort through your trash?

Once the garbage pick up comes and they bring it to the dump, do they open all bags and sort it?

What do they do with bottles filled with soda? Do they at the facility empty them there? How?

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  • I wouldn't imagine that happens. Obviously some weird person might be doing it, but I have to imagine they just take the bags as they are.

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  • There are people who do "dumpster dive" and even sell treasures they find, but I'm not sure if they go to the actual dump or not. I've always thought they go to community dumpsters and/or neighbors' trash cans.

    During my years working as a janitor, I noticed that a lot of business threw away a lot of very nice, nearly new things. Furniture, office chairs, wall art, briefcases, books, etc. I hope at least some of that stuff gets "rescued"!

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  • Depends where u live

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  • To be fair, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

    This is common at apartment complexes and local dumps where you have to drop off your own trash. There’s entire business’s build off reselling things. And quite honestly it’s good for the environment to reuse.

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  • I hope not. Tossed my phone in there before christmas which worked well but something was wrong inside it so it made a weird noise all the time. It was a few years old and had an outlet that didnt work. I stomped on it and agressively beat it in the ground once while it was in a plastic bag to make sure no one can find and start it up but that phone was about as indestructible as an old Nokia. I dont have secrets but I had embarrassing notes and passwords in there.

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  • No but I do

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