Do straight men call other straight men cute?

So I was talking to my guy friend who is straight and he was saying Ryan Reynolds is the cutest man and that he loves how he dresses and that he has a cute face..

I asked if he's bi lol he said no but is this normal

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  • Yeah. Being able to be comfortable in your sexuality is good. ‘Flirting with the homies’ is an example of healthy masculinity

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  • No. I can admire the way another man looks and maybe wish I had his jawline, beard, or muscles, or whatever... but I wouldn't call a handsome man cute.
    That's something reserved for women.
    Women can be cute. Men can't.

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  • I doubt that. I can imagine a straight man referring to a male celebrity he looks up to as "hot", that wouldn't be very gay but rather a man acknowleding that another man is attractive and that he probably wishes he looked like that himself. "Cute" on the other hand... That's a bit sus. I don't think I can imagine a straight man calling any man "cute" unless it is ironically to make fun of him.

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  • I think it’s like a running joke by women that straight men think Ryan Reynolds’s is the “perfect man” or sumthin

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    • I don't get that because I cant stand Ryan Reynolds and his whole schtick with always being "the funny guy" when he's not even funny, and he's not attractive in the slightest with his small close together eyes. Straight men must have really bad taste if they think he's anything to look up to, so yeah it must be a running joke created by straight women aka women with bad taste lol.

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    • more straight men have sexually frustrated crush on Ryan Reynolds than gay men

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