Do parents tool religion

Is it normal for a parent to be upset, angry, that their child has changed views on religion? Why?

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  • People have a tendency to expect their children to share their religious, spiritual, moral and political views.

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  • Fairly normal. It doesn't mean that you are wrong for wanting to change your religion, though. Your parents should not be able to choose what you believe in.

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  • People who believe in religion are gullible. It is normal, as religious people are all a bit crazy.

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  • Yes it is normal. My parents were pissed when I became an atheist. Im not an atheist anymore but it wasnt because of them.

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  • A lot of parents are way too invested in their children and expect them each to be a mini-me version of the parent.

    A lot of people are way too invested in one religion or another and believe it has all the answers to everything.

    My wife and I are atheists, and we don't have a lot of respect for any religion. Our teenage daughter is well aware of this, and we've also explained to her why some people take great comfort from religious beliefs and how religion can occasionally be a force for good as well as how it can be a corrosive and destructive force in personal lives and in societies as a whole. The only situation in which I can imagine us being upset if she suddenly found God is if it was in the form of some exploitative, abusive cult.

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