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Hi im a 21 year old male and i barely go outside at all, i stay in the house and play video games all day. I dont have any friends the last time i hung out with anyone was like 4 years ago. Im a complete loaner and prefer to be alone. Some times ill stay in the house for 5 days straight or even longer. Is this normal?

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  • I am 21 and i don't like to meet other people at all. I consider other people as useless. I would rather do any task by myself. I am not a nerd or geek but people say that I am a freak because I don't like meeting people. However I am not good at sports at all. And I always manage to do a whole lot better alone rather then woking in a team. People treat me as a criminal because i am anti social

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  • not normal u shud try find a balance but i guess if this lifestyle makes u happy its working for u who am i to judge

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  • I'm the same way bro, except I do go out a lot to go to work and school. But no I never hang out with people and I don't have many friends. I honestly can't stand being with other people, like I feel really sensitive to the presence of others. I start to become like the people who I spend time with, even if it's only a few hours. I find it extremely exhausting to talk to others in person and I can't think clearly for hours or sometimes days after I hang out with others. I think being online and talking with others like we're doing now is so much better because you can find people interested in what you're interested in and you can be more honest because you don't have to worry about your reputation. If I could I would spend every single day alone in my apartment 24-7 just reading and going online and watching T.V., etc.

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  • I think it can be normal to be a person who prefers limited socializing. Or even completely lack socializing for some periods in life. But if at times you wish you had friends, feel depressed, like everything is pointless, well, that's normal too, but should be changed.

    And the video games you play, is it with other people or solo? These days, with so much interaction being online, I think a lot of people do socialize, just not as much in-person. I think people find it easier to express themselves online. Anonymity > less shyness > more open > more fulfilling interactions, etc, etc.

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  • Not realy, people are not supose to be alone in their lives, they need other people to interact with, relationships, friendships, try and find at least 1 friend to talk with and hang out with.

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  • Yeah Im the same man. Im 27 yo male, and i am working through stuff.

    I think its good to acknowledge that this is not a healthy pattern, so admit that at some stage you will have to change. But at the same time take it easy, dont crictize yourself or feel bad about it, just let it take its time, and when the time comes to step out then do it.

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  • O.O i do that too. im a 17 year old girl in college but on summer break. im alot happier in the house than out with friends when im on the computer or watching TV. I look forward to being alone and tend to shut out every1 else. Everyone says its bad for me and i know theyre right but i cant help it...

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    • I am 21 yo male, not a nerd or a geek either. In fact i have lots of friends. However, i am one of those people who prefered to be alone instead.

      People invite me all the time to parties, but i normally just shut them all off. I think being alone like doing things you love the most is much more important than having to hangout with other people specially when you don't even know them.

      I dont see the point of having to go out and introduce yourself and sell yourself so that you can gain a possitive reputation. Im sick and tired to talking to people who doesnt even share the same passion as i do.

      I mean i met alot of people in my life, i mean toooooo much people. Then i suddenly realise that they all useless, they didnt even contribute to the success of my life today. So yeah i think socializing is crap and utterly useless.

      In conculusion, do whatever what makes you happy. Because it is only you that know your specific needs in regards to being happy.

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