Do not like whatsapp/online chat with friends

I find it a waste of time to be talking online. people keep complaining that I do not answer the messages but I only use to work and college

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  • Normal. Communicating online is boring.

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  • Yeah I hate that to. Feels to fake.

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  • Yep normal

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  • I'm not a fan, either. I prefer to communicate in person if possible, or via phone call. Not a fan of texting if it isn't just a quick note or question, and not a fan of video chatting, messaging, etc. It just seems so impersonal and harder to keep a conversation flowing, and you can't really read the other person (with the exception of video chatting, but for some reason that really annoys me).

    I can't stand when people want to have long, drawn out conversations over text, but refuse to answer a phone call. In this world, it seems almost everyone is afraid of communication outside of text, and then uses "social anxiety" as a crutch, as if completely avoiding talking to people more directly is doing anything but contributing to that. Honestly, that's something that annoys the shit out of me. That and when I tell people ahead of time that I'm going to be on the road at a certain time and to answer the phone if I call (I have a hands free calling system in my car, but no text), but then when I call, they ignore the call and send a text. Pisses me off to no end. Like no, I'm not going to risk my life and everyone else's to text you while I'm driving because you're antisocial and think your convenience is more important than my and other people's safety.

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