Do most people tell the truth about having pets?

I'm apartment searching and my current place doesn't know I took in a cat. I am planning to pay the pet deposit in wherever I move to, but also wondering how common it is to lie about having a pet when you sign a lease at an apartment complex? I emailed my landlord at one time and was going to pay a deposit and he never responded ...I kind of just said whatever after awhile and never reached out again. Have the people you've known been honest?

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  • I absolutely would’ve lied. Landlords have to give 48 hour notice before entering so you just shut them hoes in a room.

    Dogs are harder to lie about and I wouldn’t even try. But sometimes those deposits are crazy. Fuck that shit.

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  • The pet fee is probably to cover any damages a pet may cause, and any additional cleaning that needs done because of the pet. When I moved into my current place, they had to replace all the carpet and no amount of cleaning was enough to rid the previous tenant's pet hair that was caked on everything. The fee is fair.

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  • My appartment allows cats. Got to pay 50 bucks extra a month. Had a single cat, got another one. Didnt let the appartment know. They look the same, so on paper we got just the one cat.

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  • I have four (love them, but was not my intention to have this many, thank you feral mama in my yard...) and my neighbor has one. We live in a 4-plex that is supposed to be pet free.

    The thing is: our landlady's son lived here for awhile too and he also had cats. So it was never really enforced even when she *did* know.

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  • I live in council housing and my neighbour has three dogs. I suppose it's a matter of how easy it is to hide your animals and how much hastle they'll cause.

    With just a cat? I can't see anyone giving a fuck. Just hide it like litelander says.

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    • He isn't declawed. Mainly just scratches my personal area rug rather than actual carpet. Although he gently claws the carpet when he's stretching. Apartments I'm looking at are around $750-800$/Mo in Houston area. Not top tier luxury but not piss poor either. Just wondering if it's worth the money

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  • I lied and they found out and tried to scam me saying its some big ridiculous fee for lying about pet. This fee was not in the contract I signed so I felt they were just making it up. I refused to pay it and they threatened to evict me if I didnt. I said Ill pay the normal pet fee but I'm not going to pay that extra fee even if they evict me. And they didnt evict me and just said ok whatever. It was a headache tho.

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