Do i spend too much time in the mirror

I spend a lot of time on my appearance every day, especially before going out on a date with the boyfriend. Is this normal?

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  • Lets just say, regardless of how much time you spend infront of the mirror, I'm the one who will always hold the record for longest time infront of one. ;)

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  • I can't judge how much time you spend in the mirror without a stopwatch. I have one question for you, is your eye makeup on fleek?

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  • I mean, you didn't specify the time at all. Take the time you need I guess.

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  • you are in front of the mirror not in the mirror , are you 10 years old. also you dont see yourself, you are looking at the image of yourself. Object image image object , get it now?

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    • Thanks for the sarcastic response, much appreciated. You know what I meant. Are you 10? Because spending time "in the mirror" does mean in front of the mirror. Idiot. I am 23 years old? And if I was 10 why would that matter? 10 year olds do spend time in front of the mirror, and you are not answering whether or not this is normal. Your answer is invalid.

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