Do i have a eating disorder

So I like food grew up loveing always having food but I never really eat. I take a few bites then I'm full and if I try to eat some more I'll feel sick like I wanna vomit or something. So I To only wat like a little bit once a day Or once alevery few days. I can go up to 5 with out actually eating anything. Everyone keeps telling me that I lost soooo much weight all my family sees the changes and my siblings want me to eat normal but I just can't do It food makes me sick sometimes. Do I have a eating disorder???? Please help me figure this out I'm only 19 .

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  • Having an eating disorder requires that you make the conscious decision not to eat the way you know you should. It sounds more like you have a digestive problem or just an appetite disorder, either way you need to see a doctor. Malnourishment has some nasty long term side effects.

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  • I would see a doctor

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  • when i was 19 i was in a lot of pain and dint feel like eating much after knee surgery i was fine. what i did learn was booze will stimulate an appetite. much safer than pills. just have a beer before meals . talk this over with your family its not illegal for a 19 to drink at home its just illegal to purchase. they and you will be pleased with the results. I was actually prescribed a mixture of Ethanol and B complex i got from a pharmacy. Beer tasted a lot better.

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  • What's your bmi? If it's too low go to a doctor. Also consider eating tastier thinfs, even if it's not that healthy, do you like chocolate, poffertjes, fresh fruits?

    Also you could just drink a lot of coke for calories and supplement vitamins, not very healthy but better than starving.

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  • could be anorexia or some tyroid disorder, go see a doctor take good care of you!!

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