Do girls like the idea of cfnm society

I've herd from quite a few woman various ages 18yo and up talking about wanting to have cfnm relationships ,and want 2 guys for servents and pleasure ,even saying that it should be a completely cfnm world led by female governments ,could this happen and is there many woman that want this or is it just there fantasy??.

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  • Dude, you have too much free time on your hands.

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  • If women ran the world it would fall apart. Imagine abunch of women in charge of the border. They see a few starving babies and they feel bad and open the borders and let in hundreds of millions of ppl who become homeless in the streets. To run a country you have to be less emotional and more logically driven because every decision you make will kill people.

    Look at the voting patterns of women compared to men. If women didnt vote almost every single state is red. Women are by nature more emotional which makes them more liberal and makes them worse leaders.

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  • I don't want to run the world, but I have been living a CFNM life for 20yrs plus now, before CFNM was around as hubby grew up a nudist. I do enjoy he is naked 24/7 and it doesn't bother me others see him naked either.

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  • No. Honestly, I'd want the opposite.

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  • Look I'm a woman and I don't want a woman run world.

    First off that's sexist and discrimination. Everyone (female and male) should rise to their level of competence.

    Secondly, love that Hubby is a nudist and I love all of his naked body that I get to see everyday but I really don't want to see every other man nude.

    Thirdly, even the best looking and hotest guys would become ho hum boring to see naked everyday. The others well they wouldn't be good straight out of the shoot. A little mystery is good.

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  • Reading this really got me going.....

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  • "If women ruled the world..."
    I mean, as a guy in this "cfnm" (which I had to look up) society, I wouldn't object. Unfortunately, the real world doesn't work the same way it does in porn, and I don't mean the amount of sex going on. Disallow 50% of the population from making any decisions and things get real bad, real fast. Regardless of what you think of women in government, what we're actually talking about here is rampant human rights violations.

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