Do femme women generally feel more attracted to tom boys/ masc?

I'm tomboy femme with a little edge and usually I dress in Army clothing or flannel, jeans and T shirts.
When ever I have my cap and an army jacket or trousers I do notice the odd women stare my way or show a little interest. I'm thinking femme women dig the more masculine look then?
I have gotten my hair shortened in hopes to attract femme women as I'd really like a gf one daaay :D
Do you think I should keep to one consistent style of dressing more tomboy?
Some days I like to alerternante between tomboy and femme look.
I can't tell if other femme women are generally more into tom boys or femme.
I guess I'm no used to dressing so guyish but hey if it eventually scores me a gf, I wont complain 😉

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  • Seems to me you're going about this wrong. Your questions about how you dress are all focused on how others will perceive you. You should wear whatever feels right to you and that in itself should give you confidence, which is way more attractive that just a look where the clothes wear you instead of the other way around.

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  • Hmmm interesting and thanks very much :)

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  • In my experience yes, but ive had friends in relationships where theyre both femme tomboys. However you might want to ask yourself if youre trying to attract a girlfriend or a hook up

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    • Trying to attract a gf? Recommendations:)?

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  • You do you, just as long as you don't pretend like you served in the army, just cause you bought some mil-spec clothes. Have respect for the men and women in the military.

    Also present yourself the way you are. For a proper relationship you want someone to fall in love with the real you. I've had my fair share of pretending I'm more than the real me back in my late teens. Great way to get laid, but not ideal for more serious relationships. Keep it real.

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