Do dating apps suck in small towns?

I live in a major city in Florida I have a million chicks that match. I also spend time in a local beach town. I match and get to know girls there too. I recently went quail hunting in a place that has a very low population. I matched with the 911 dispatcher, and possibly the game wardens wife. What do singles do in tiny towns on dating apps? Do you just pounce on some visiting city men/women?

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  • Let's be honest about dating apps. They are more designed for densely populated areas in general due to more variety and closer matching. If the population density is reduced, then the major dependency of dating apps whither away and less matches will be closer to you.

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  • All my friends met their partners at school, work or the pub. You either scrap the apps and date other townsfolk or you search the closest city.

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  • Even for big towns though, all the decent matches that are listed for your city end up living like four hours away.

    Like on their profile it lists "Kansas City" for their town but you get to talking to them and find out they really live in Salina KS which is "only" a few hours away.

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  • Thats where the incest stereotype comes from. A lot of people in small towns are related. Theres no one to get with but your 2nd cousin.

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