Dislike fireworks

Yes, y'all are probably going to say I'm a boring person! Just read this from a different perspective.

I have mild Autism, and with that comes very sensitive ears. I can hear a dozen conversations, and have a hard time paying attention to a conversation I'm participating; I digress.

Anyway, sudden noises startle me so much, I get panic attacks. These sounds include firetrucks, ambulances, truck horns, bugs buzzing near my ears, loud jets, and fireworks.

I get scared like a dog when it comes to fireworks and have to cover my ears with my fingers. Don't judge, it's a comforting thing I do.

The one thing I really hate are the selfish assholes who shoot fireworks way past midnight! Like dude, there are people who have to wake up early for work or to take care of kids. Celebrating is one thing, but not being aware of those who are asleep is uncalled for!

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  • I'm also Autistic, with ASD and I can tell you it's perfectly normal to hate fireworks.

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  • Is anyone on this site not autistic?

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    • It is totally possible that this site was made by an autistic person for autistic people.
      Given that if the whole purpose of the site is to make us feel normal.... O.o

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    • Errr me and like...uh....um....no it’s just me.

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  • The 4th is a joke and waste of funds

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  • It's perfectly normal. I get scared of loud, sudden noises. I'm not sure if it's related to any condition as much as it is just anxiety- so fireworks are the bane of my existence. I'm 18 and still had to sleep with a stuffed animal just to keep from getting scared. It's a normal thing. So just as much as a person can dislike swimming or flying, being afraid or annoyed by anything is just human nature

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  • I use to love fireworks when I lived in the city because I could get away with shooting guns down the street

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  • I love fireworks. Where I live, no one needs an excuse to fire them off.

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  • It's not normal in the sense that most people can cope with sudden noises, but I'm sure you understand that already.

    People can be inconsiderate, selfish dicks. What those people who set off fireworks at all hours are actually doing is shouting, "Look at me! I'm here! And I'm so damn powerful and important that I can disrupt your evening, wake you up in the middle of the night or make you jump if I want to!"

    Given what you say, one thing you definitely never want to do is be in The Netherlands in the period leading up to New Year and on the night itself.

    A lot of Dutch people are total arseholes when it comes to New Year fireworks. We stayed with my mother-in-law in Holland over the Christmas-New Year period a few years ago, and there were intermittent huge bangs echoing around the small town she lives in starting from before Christmas. My Dutch wife had warned me that things could get noisy, so I wasn't surprised on New Year's Eve when the bangs increased in frequency as they day went on, and people started setting off those box-displays in their back gardens before nine in the evening. From around 11:30, things got quiet. Midnight came, and all that could be heard were the distant displays put on by the big cities nearby. I thought, "Well, this is okay. My wife must have been exaggerating about how bad it is." Things remained pretty quiet after midnight, because the tradition is for people to call friends and family the moment the clock ticks over.

    But then, at around a quarter past, all hell broke loose, with loads of people setting off enormous firecrackers and their box displays in the streets. People are packed in pretty tightly in Dutch towns, and of course everyone wanted to enjoy their display without competition nearby, so there was a sort of ripple effect around the town until about four in the morning. Interspersed with all this were the occasional sirens of the police, fire brigade and ambulances rushing off to deal with burning cars and idiots who had managed to injure themselves or others by doing something stupid with their pyrotechnics.

    If that sounds hellish to you, you're right. It's not something I ever want to experience again.

    My wife tells me it's actually not too bad these days compared to how it was twenty years ago.

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  • You remind me of my brother. Whenever it's storming, he hides behind the couch.

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  • I don't hate fireworks but I can totally understand where you're coming from if you have sensitive hearing.

    It's perfectly normal for us all to not like the same things. And we all like different things and this is what keeps people interesting. :)

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  • blowin shit up is fun as hell

    blowin up shit at midnight is the hallmark of an asshole

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