Dislike a soccer club because of its fans

I don't know about you guys but I honestly don't like Arsenal FC because of the mannerisms of most of it's supporters in my area.

They are usually argumentative but shallow, arrogant, lacking in sophistication, and have a pathetic taste in music.

It's occasional that I transfer this dislike on to the club's players, it's the ways of the majority of its fans who hail from my home country that always put me off.

Is this normal?

PS: I'm a Liverpool FC fan.

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  • Yes lol. It's normal not to take chavs seriously.

    I literally can not take chavs seriously, ever. It's a personal failing. They have these fucking soccer gangs & they beat people to death with crowbars and shit, but I just can not summon anything less than laughter instead of fear. We literally had a chav horror movie night where we watched Green Street Holigans (so hilariously bad) and Eden Lake. Eden Lake is just a super violent horror movie. It should be terrifying, but the fucking villains are a pack of teenage chavs. I don't think I've ever laughed harder during a movie in my life. I just can't...

    So yes, it's normal to look down on packs of retarded chavs for being white trash. Having said that, I don't follow soccer so idk if Liverpool fans are any classier and you could just be racist against

    Fookin Manchestaahhhh innit...idk

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  • Soccer sucks!

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  • Actually, I NEVER think about soccer.

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  • Totally understandable, I too like Liverpool ( ps. Sadio Mane and Mo Salah for the win!!! )

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