Disappointed that i don’t have a unibrow

I have strong black eyebrows, a black moustache and plenty of body hair. That I’m fine with but ever since the first hair appeared between my teenage eyebrows I was disgusted and hastily grabbed my mother’s tweezers.

Finally after 10 years I gave up, deciding I would let nature take its course and allow my eyebrows to fuse as one, but after 8 days of letting it grow the result I’m seeing is... pitiful.

A few healthy black hairs have sprouted at the front of my brows, bringing them closer together, but the middle is populated by merely a dusting of thin brown hairs. Nothing that could be called a unibrow.

It feels so anti-climatic and almost embarrassing that all these years I’ve been fighting such a puny foe. Is it normal I’m disappointed that I don’t actually have one?

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  • It's okay anon. I mean since you expected it to be lushes and thick. Im sure your expectations wasn't achieved after all that years and efforts of getting rid of it.

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    • Thank you for understanding, I had a look at it again today and I don’t see any mini hairs sprouting up, I think this pathetic effort is all I’m destined to have. Frida Kahlo would be so disappointed in me.

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  • Honestly I have the same exact issue, though slightly less noticeable since I’m blonde. At least with full unibrows it looks less sad. It’s kinda like growing a mustache and it coming in all patchy if it makes sense. It just looks infinitely worse that way.

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    • Thank you for understanding, it reminds me of when 13 year-old boys keep their bum fluff because they delusionally believe it makes them look older.

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