Dipping terbacco

okay, so i’ve been dipping for about a month. and i’m very OCD about my teeth being white and just oral hygiene in general. i would just like to know how long it takes for dipping to start making your teeth yellow???? and make your breath bad. i know it’s bad and i should quit so don’t give me that. i would just like some advice on this and info

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  • Dipping tobacco is gross.

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  • It doesn't take long. If you had a picture before and after you started I bet you would already see a difference. For me it took a few months to be able to tell but I'm sure it was apparent long before then.

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  • omg, I have a bit ocd issue too...

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  • It actually depends on tooth enamel. If your enamel is thin it will yellow quicker, within a few weeks of heavy tobacco use. Only your dentist could really tell you.

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