Diogenes the dog

Someone brought up Diogenes the Dog to me earlier. It was in normal conversation, in response to me bringing up, as a fun fact, since he has dice tattoos, that dodecahedron, a twelve sided polygon, was only allowed to be acknowledged in private classes or groups with leaders like Socrates in like ancient Rome or Greece, because it represented a sacred geometry symbol known as the flower of life in its most complete form; I didn't say this then, but the public form didn't expand enough, an it's even depicted with a border and is discernibly continued underneath

He brought up Diogenes and said he brought fame to something called real cynicism or something, I kinda forget now

But we ended up talking about it for a while and he seemed excited to talk about it, but I'm seeing parallels between what he was saying about Diogenes and what he could have observed from my behavior. In short, things like living poor and with nothing, telling rude people the fuck off, having their own unique belief system based on their morality and cognition

Is it plausible he was trying to say something about me?

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