Did courtney lovee kill kurt cobain?

What do you think?
I cant decide personally. Obviously Kurt suffered with depression and stuff and when you do your brain doesn't work like everyone elses. You can do things out of the ordinary unexpectedly such as commiting suicide because something set you off made you feel suddenly worse or just a really bad mental health day. He was a heavy drug user too.
But there's also some "proof" of foul play. Courtney had a handwriting sheet in her bag. Why? But she is crazy, it is easy to blame her. Kurt always hated how everyone was so bad to her but in the end he was not happy with her and possibly wanted a divorce.
Why would she kill him though? Especially if it's true what some people speculate he wrote her songs for her though I dont know if that is true because theres many parallels between her songs and Babes in Toyland songs, Courtney has ripped some full lines entirely from their songs which make sense because she was in that band before they released their first album and they wrote together. That to me would show courtney wrote her own songs. Either way I would think she'd need Kurt. Maybe she could've gotten on good terms with him if he was alive even if they divorced, that would've been good for her fame. Kurt had a kind heart but I dont think she'd deserve more chances. I dont know her personally though. Maybe she's so unstable she couldn't handle him divorcing her. But there's also the fact that everytime a famous person dies everyone suspects foul play. What do you think?

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  • Its been a long time ago since I looked into it but when I did I was convinced she knew more than she was telling us. I dont remember why I believe that.

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  • It was Mrs Peacock in the library with the wrench.

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  • No, I don’t think she did.She was the one who set up the prenup for them, the opposite thing of that which killers of rich partners tend to do lol. She was a much higher functioning person than Kurt, and handled their accounts anyway. She appears to have always thought she’d be successful, with or without him.

    There is zero evidence that his death was anything other than a guy, shooting a lethal dose of heroin, then shooting himself. It’s not like you can just shoot someone and put the gun there. Forensics are way better at analysis of that shit than you’d think.

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  • I dont know that she /did/ kill him, but I do think she knows more than she's letting on.

    There were a lot of suspicious details.

    The keys to the green house were not in the room.

    You had to use them to get in, apparently.

    There was practice sheets of his handwriting in her bag.

    Half of the suicide note was his handwriting, the other half [that mentioned suicide; first half mentioned ending the band/leaving it] was not his handwriting.

    I just don't know.

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    • But why is she the suspect if it was a murder? Aside from the handwriting sheet, because that is an odd thing to have on you. Because she's considered crazy? I feel like there could be many people with a motive.
      I have thought she did it, then I thought she didnt but I dont know either. I think they loved each other as much as two drug addicts with the problems they both had can but in the end they, especially him, were done.

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