Dead homeless people

I went grocery shopping and saw a dude laying on the sidewalk along a busy street with one of his legs sticking up diagonally in a weird position, like road kill. His grocery cart was tipped over and his garbage was all over the gutter. Two hours later I was driving in the opposite direction and saw him still there in the same position. I drove by the next day out of curiosity and he was still there. Is it normal that no one cares about dead homeless people?

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  • This post is a little ironic...

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  • If you are living in the streets for more than a month and you cant pass a drug test you should be sent to a mental institution. I have no idea why California lets them pitch tents on the sidewalks. Theyre a hazard to everyone. It shows that the west is collapsing. We are way too nice to them. Japan has homeless ppl and they clean the parks. Our homeless ppl have trash and syringes everywhere. They poop in the street and attack ppl.

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  • They'll probably notice when the stank changes from body odor to decay.

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  • It's obvious that you didn't care either or you would have gotten the authorities involved, if not checking things out yourself.

    Now if you don't care, why do you expect others to care?

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  • Curious to know where you live...

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  • Well hopefully you care and did something. That would never fly in Canada.

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