Dad still down on weed?

Dad's strict rule for me growing up in 60's 70's 80's marijuana was bad bad. and he was 100% against it. Now today with all the new news and evidence of its great healing powers.. Dad is still old-school.. I guess some people just never change.. hmm must be imbedded into their brain by their parents?

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  • There is a lot of medical evidence that "weed" (in various forms) does cause a lot of medical issues. It's not harmless.

    But, for certain people with certain medical conditions - "weed" is like many other drugs out there. The advantages outweigh the issues for certain medical situations.

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  • Yummy

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  • My parents are libertarian on drugs but I will be honest I do think weed is worse than pro-weed people say. And I do think it should be legal but I dont like how the proweed people do lie about it.

    I use to smoke everyday and they say weed is only mentally addictive. Well when i stopped I definitely had withdrawals from it that lasted a few days. I had nausea and terrible mood swings. I felt awful. I felt like it turned me bipolar for those few days. It was surprisingly bad. Also when I was smoking everyday it would make me lazy for sure. I would have to smoke before I could do anything and then after I smoked I didnt want to do it anymore.

    Not everyone is motivated like Joe Rogan when they smoke weed either. Most people I know that smoke weed sit around and play video games all day long and have no drive to make money. They're happy with being on foodstamps and being losers. Most people would be better off without or only smoking it on the weekends with some beers.

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  • I haven't spoken to mine in a few years, but my dad was still anti-weed when I was around him. The Bible belt in general still has a large population of those who hate it.

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  • My mother is like that, and it's annoying.

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