Crazy woman at my bus

There was this foreign woman who was taking the same bus as me. While waiting for the bus she was talking on the phone so loudly that she was literally just yelling. Then when it was her time to enter the bus she had no money on her card. She told the bus driver she has welfare, however that is relevant? Then she said she has no food she has nothing and now he wants her to buy a ticket?! The bus driver was like "that is not my problem lady". She didnt exactly look broke, and if she has welfare she can afford food and bus tickets unless she wastes it all on useless crap which is her own fault. She kept ranting in a very loud voice until the bus driver gave up and just let her sit down. She then immadiately called someone on her phone and started yelling on the phone about how everyone in this country burns religious scripture for fun and that everyone in this country has children and then she started repeating with a condescending voice "theres a blonde girl in *town name*" over and over before going on a rant about how she had to pay for groceries at the store`?`?? She literally went "and I went to the store and they CHARGED ME MONEY! Everyone in this country CHEATS! They are all CHEATERS! AND they charged me MONEY at the STORE!" like what the fuck? Then when the call was over she kept calling up new people but she started speaking in her language so I dont know what she was yelling about in the other calls except when she randomly mentioned the names of different cities here. She didnt exactly sound friendly though. I almost feared she was going to lose it and cause some shit. She seemed very hateful and entitled.

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