Coworkers making fun of me because i'm from the south and have 6 toes

should i start wearing shoes to work cause they are stereotyping me unfairly

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  • Congratulations. Sounds like you won the genetic lottery. You are paving the evolutionary trail just like homo erectus once did. Stand tall. With all twelve toes. Stand tall.

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  • This if fake. No one from the South can write that clearly.

    Don't most jobs require shoes that at least cover the heel and toe? Like basic tennies or ballet type slippers.

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  • Dey took err jerb

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  • There's this white trash female that came into my work the other day without any shoes. It was pitiful. I mean, it's one thing to be at home or even outside if one so chooses but it's another thing entirely to go into public and inside a store like that.

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  • You can report them to HR.
    And having 6 toes is awesome!

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  • Fuck them seriously
    If you try to hide the insulting part gets stronger
    Try and roast them when they make fun of you
    Try to be more open and accept the fact that its okay for you to be like this the more you hide and stay quite the more they'll start attacking you

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  • One of Honey Boo Boo's older sisters had a baby with two thumbs!

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  • The abnormal part is that you're not wearing shoes.

    If you behave like a hick, you're unfortunately bound to get some negative attention, even if you're not a bad person.

    Your coworkers are shallow cunts.

    Having six toes is little more than a minor accident, and idk if it's even a bad trait health wise.

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