Covid symptoms

Just asking what covid symptoms people have had. Trying to work out if various things are something else or if they're just covid.

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  • The short term symptoms were just a bad flu like virus (although they lasted 7+ weeks); then I was extreemly weak and it took another 3+ weeks to regain my strength and stamina to do anything.

    The real problem is long term fatigue and brain fog; and the fact that my immune system is now hyper sensitive to all the old stuff and lots of new stuff.

    My asthma is so extreem now that the only way to handle it is to live in a HEPA Powered Air Particulate Respirator all day (A couple $thousand + I estimate $500/year in consumables - and its not a medical device so not covered by insurance), because my HEPA filtered house is not enough as the house is designed to leak air (as all houses do - or they inject air with a forced air system).

    Even the pollen/mold reacting with my eyes and eyelids is enough to knock me down for 2 1/2 - 3 days.

    I have also been reduced to at this point a pure beef & sea-salt diet. I react to every other food and drink item that I used to consume, along with oral medications and supplements.

    I also have fractured sleep. I often sleep for 4-5 hours, and then am awake. In several hours I take a nap or perhaps sleep for another hour, etc. though the day. I have tried staying up for several days to force myself to get a normal nights sleep. It does not work.

    I can no longer hold anything like a normal job; and it looks like 2 of my 4 businesses are dead. I do hope to resurrect at least one of the others - by seeing what I can develop online.

    On Sept 28, 2021 a study was published that followed 273,618 covid-19 survivors for 6 months.

    At 3 months post recovery from Covid itself 57.00% showed at least 1 long term Covid effect.

    At 6 months post recovery from Covid itself 36.55% showed at least 1 long term Covid effect.

    Good thing I'm set up a bit better than most. My wife and I have been able to pay all of our bills on time (we have no CC balances) and expect to be able to do that in the future even if I have to fold all of my businesses and cannot earn any income, although we may have to cut back a bit.

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  • My short term symptoms were nothing spectacular. Difficulty breathing, high fever, loss of taste and smell, pneumonia...Basically textbook COVID.

    The only notable symptom is that I'm a "long hauler". It's rare for people my age to have suffered this badly from it though. I just have to pace myself more now as my blood-oxygen levels are lowered.

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  • I just had what felt like a sinus infection the first time. First time I had it bad but didn’t have insurance so I toughed it out. Last about a month. Between feeling overly tired and the sinus infection like symptoms, I then noticed I lost my taste and smell. Then the aches followed for over a week and I slept the entire time that happened. Loaded up on ibuprofen and heating pad. THEN the cough was the last part. Couldn’t stop and basically hacked and almost threw up each time I had a coughing fit. Still have that one sometimes.
    That was when we first shut down.

    I’ve been exposed multiple times since that and I’ve had nothing happen 🤷🏻‍♀️ Never felt the need to test so who knows if I had it again but I’ve had no symptoms. I live with 2 others and they both had it twice so idk man.

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  • Every symptom is COVID now. Miraculously, everything else has been cured.

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  • covid is a flu, !! so the symptoms are that of a flu

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  • Ive had a sore throat for almost a week, and I'm going to go get tested tomorrow morning.

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  • I live in a place where so far only 3 person have been tested positive. They arrived on the same flight.
    We have been pretty lucky. Most here have been vaccinated so I hope that it won't hit like it hit other countries. Our health care system is free but is shit.

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  • I am quite curious myself.....

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  • Wife tested positive and the same time I had a sore throat and cough for a week. She had a cough and sore throat for a lot longer about a month.

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  • None.

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