Covid lockdowns

I understand why in the beginning when the virus was unknown there was lockdowns for almost everyone. But at this point with the knowledge we have of the virus we could save the world's economy by focusing on those at risk. I think at this point the lockdowns should be for people 60+ or those with health issues. They could lock down nursing homes. Many of the people at risk are retired and will not need as much stimulus. It would be so much cheaper to do this.

I worry about the longterm ramifications of these lockdowns. When theres money going out but money is not coming in you have issues in the next few years. Printing money will help in the short term but in 10 years we are going to really be feeling the brunt of these lockdowns economically. There will probably be another great depression.

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  • The long term effects of the lockdowns are the point. They're trying to use this to change the world, and not for the better.

    We have the descendants of the royal families of old working with super wealthy people to re-enslave the world into neo serfdom. But you can't do that all at once, or people won't cooperate. The last 75 years or so have been a systematic dumbing down of the population and gradual scaling back of individual liberty.

    Every once in a while they introduce some nonsense psyop like towers collapsing top to bottom or people storming and occupying federal buildings for hours with no military pushback. Every time something like that happens, some new government group pops up for our "protection." All news media is mockingbird brainwashing. And the people eat it all up because the educational system teaches you to memorize and repeat "facts" instead of think critically for yourself.

    They're taking advantage of panic related to a crisis because scared people are more likely to accept tyranny when they believe it's protecting them from a boogeyman like "terrorists" or "drugs" or "a disease who's odds of death directly parallel the odds of dying in one year in every single age group"

    Look up "actuarial period of life table." That's the odds of dying from covid.

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    • idk this sounds pretty smart coming from a druggie :)

      If the government can break the law in an emergency, they will create an emergency when they want to break the law

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      • Exactly. People are actually using "rights" as some kind of meme to bash trump nutjobs. The whole point of the rules they're breaking was to make sure something like this never happens. Once they get free reign to do whatever they want they start sneaking ulterior stuff in with the regulations that are supposed to "protect us." Im not saying covid is fake or any of that, but its an opportunity for them to do things theyve wanted to do all along. It happened with obamacare, sandy hook, 9/11, the elimination of the gold standard, the end of world war 2, american banking interests financing hitler in the first place, this goes back a long way. And it's all moving in one direction.

        They know how to play the long game. These people believe their families have divine right from god to rule over the rest of us. The frog doesn't know he's in a pot on the stove until the water boils. And then it's already too late. Back in March they said China had a funeral pyre of all the dead that was so big Svergey 1 and Svergey 2 the fake astronauts could see it from the fake space station. That never happened, but everybody believes we're still at that level of danger because "Science" has been twisted into some kind of godless religion.

        Most people right now believe that a bunch of rednecks stormed the Capitol building and occupied it for between 3 1/2 and 6 hours without any branch of military coming in to at least keep them in the building to arrest them, they just let them go home and now they're hunting them down cause they all took selfie pictures breaking into offices. This is the level of stupidity people will believe if they see it on TV.

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        • I was with you until you said american banking interests financed hitler??? Now I'm lost

          It is definitely a religion though. Questioning whatever the media calls 'science' is the new blasphemy, it's 'anti science'

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          • Carnegie steel sold the rails leading into auschwitz. There used to be videos on this but they got scrubbed from youtube because apparently saying that is "holocaust denial." In the same way that saying people shouldn't riot because that's what the establishment wants is "Spreading harmful information"

            But yeah that's basically it. The point of science is supposed to be questioning things, but now its more like "Some guy in a lab coat did some math and this is what you have to believe now" Being anti-science and asking for proof IS science. They don't do any experiments in science class anymore.

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  • I wish the US had just locked the borders, gave everyone $5,000 dollars, issued two weeks to buy all supplies that would be needed to get through a month, then closed everything except hospitals and threatened to shoot on sight at anyone violating the order.

    Fast forward one month: Goodbye COVID-19.

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  • The nursing homes and group homes has been locked down in my country all of 2020 and now, they were only opened in the summer because the contagion went down massively then. It hasn't helped much because many of the workers at the nursing homes don't follow recommendations and therefore has brought the virus in anyway.

    We haven't had a single general lockdown. Nothing has been done really.. I don't think lockdowns would work though, the virus is still out there waiting. Recently a law went through here to limit the amount of people in a store but not all stores even care to follow this though I think they should. Adjustments like that is probably a better idea.

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  • COVID may as well be called the 2021 version of the Great Depression. ( I would kinda compare it to that because some shops and other things had been filed for bankruptcy. )

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  • Unfortunately; many people are not yet really following the guidelines that work.

    My wife works in a hospital and the percentage of younger healthier/younger people who are severely affected by Covid-19 is going up.

    I read a "contract tracing" study the other day that estimated that I believe 59% of Covid-19 transmission is from people who show no symptoms of it (and some people who develop Covid-19 never show any symptoms at all).

    Another study talked about the fact that for some the notable long term health effects lasted at least 6 months (I'm in that group).

    Finally, there are a lot of myths about what are effective masks to prevent transmission. The biggest stupid thing they did was tell people that single layer cloth masks work. There are now multiple studies that totally debunk that.

    What really works is 3 layer medical grade or N95 level of masks - properly worn (mask over nose and crimped around nose to seal the nose). Next is the non-medical grade 3 layer "medical looking" masks. The above masks are all meant to be disposed after a day or two of use.

    Reusable/washable designer masks and cute looking design pattern cloth masks are only partially effective (and bandana's are almost totally non-effective).

    Then you need to sanitize your hands frequently (like every time you touch a public doorknob, etc). Rideshare drivers should be sanitizing the door handles on their car every day - and even then you are exposed to the people who have touched those handles that day (its very inconvenient to try to sanitize these door handles after every ride - as often you already have another call in cue when you drop someone off).

    We are a long way from controlling the spread in most countries by proper use of PPE and cleanliness procedures.

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    • I feel like the lockdowns are economic suicide. Its gonna destroy the world's economy handing out free money and letting everyone stay home. People are gonna lose their jobs, homes, cars and everything. My country can not sustain itself like this. I feel if you want to work and you accept the risks you should be allowed to. And if you are very old or sickly you should be able to stay in your home. They could even get volunteers to bring you your groceries so you never have to leave your house. We should focus on those at risk. Because overdoses, domestic abuse, homelessness has skyrocketed. In a few years its gonna be worse.

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      • I agree that the focus for economic aid should be on those affected; and not just everyone.

        I agree that it is just economic suicide to send virtually every adult in a country a substantially amount of $, when its only about 15-20% that are economically affected.

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    • Why even bother to survive and stay healthy, when the economy is being destroyed and you're gonna lose your house and die from starvation...

      Quarantining the healthy to protect the sick... Something ain't right about this sentence.

      The damage lockdowns do to the economy and the psychological consequences are far worse than anything the virus can do.

      It's all bullshit for money. Why did mask prices skyrocket? Why did sanitizer prices skyrocket? That shit used to cost pennies and was only bought by doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Now when everyone has to buy it, it costs more than a bottle of vodka!
      And then we have the ridiculous prices vaccines are being offered at by big pharma. Naturally that shit only works for half a year, so you gotta get another shot.

      They know everything about the virus. How it infects, it doesn't affect children as bad, it's molecular structure, etc, but they can't defeat it.

      I wish upon the CEOs of big pharma and whoever made this virus, from the deepest part of the bottom of my heart and soul, that they use the enormous piles of cash they made (by destroying our way of life) for treatments... Cancer, ALS, whatever... for their children.
      For their grandchildren. For their great grandchildren. For their entire damn families for the next 10 generations!

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      • Pandemics are not new. Major ones are rare - and the last major one in the USA was about 1918 (swine flue - originated in the USA, and affected the entire world for about 3 years; Killed many millions).

        Stay healthy because the vast majority of us have a future after Covid-19 winds down...

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