Covid experience ?

Tested positive for the ‘Rona and this shit is kicking my ass
Fever, chills, blackouts, can’t keep food down, fatigue, either can’t sleep or falling asleep randomly, muscle aches, all of the good stuff
Have to quarantine in my basement, it’s been less than a day and I’m already going stir crazy
Anyone have any experience or advice ?


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  • I had it not too long ago and it was the worst experience. Horrible nausea, headache, fever, coughing nonstop, sore throat worst in my life, severe fatigue, vertigo, freezing cold, muscle pain, couldn't sleep much at all etc.

    I took paxlovid but the side effects were awful. Kept feeling severe nausea BUT immediately when I started taking it my cough went down the very next day along with fever. I could only do 2 days of it but it helped a ton. If not that theraflu was really helpful for my throat and fever too but the paxlovid really helped the most.

    -I'd drink some theraflu or whatever the equivalent is where you live, stay hydrated

    -Make sure you distract yourself with something (for me I would watch animal videos or travel vlogs it helped take me away from my situation even if temporarily)

    -Also take some fever reducer maybe Advil and if your nausea gets bad eat some saltine crackers

    -Smell rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer every time you feel like you're going to throw up. Trust me it works

    Just remind yourself you'll feel better soon.

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    • I hadn’t heard that nausea was a common symptom so I was caught off guard by it

      Thanks for the advice, I always suck staying hydrated

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  • Sleepytime cough syrup helped me a lot with my sore throat when I had COVID. Might help you sleep.
    Chicken noodle soup is a classic

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  • In 2023?

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  • I honest to god thought it was a light flu when I had it in late 2020, even went to work with it. It wasn't until I went to the doctor for 1 of my 3 a year physical checkups that I found out that I had covid antibodies. It was nowhere near as bad as people were saying it was back then
    (then again I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, am not morbidly obese, don't have high blood presser/diabetes, lift weights 3/wrestle at the gym 5 times a week & eat half a pound of fruits/vegetables & drink a gallon of water a day so that might have something to do with that).

    As for advice, all I did was take flu/cold medicine & eat chicken noodle soup/drink sprite.

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  • Someone just gave me their germs too. But I don't think it's covid. My throat hurts. Headache. Body aches. Can't breathe for shit. If I'm not under my blanket I feel like I'm going to freeze to death. Screw germs.

    When I had covid I barely even noticed it's presence but I'm sure that was a freak occurrence and if I got it again it would mop the floor with me.

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  • just tell the virus no it can't enter your body if you don't consent xoxo

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  • You have horses, take horse paste.

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