Could this be a sign of bullying behaviour?

Sometimes my mum will say things that have some pretty negative implications about me. When I'm at home and not working, I will admit that I spend quite a lot of time on my own, often in my room. I don't feel super talkative much. My mum badgers me to come down stairs and spend time with her and my little brother sometimes, and while I can understand I could spend more time with them, I feel like that's not justification for everything she says. For example, if she ever catches me going downstairs while she's going upstairs, she will sometimes accuses me of "avoiding" her, and that I'm trying to get to whichever part of the house my mum and brother aren't. This isn't really true at all, or a conscious thing in my mind, but she seems to perceive it that way. Then she'll also criticize me as "spreading your bad mood on everyone" if I come across as not very friendly or depressed, accuses me of deliberately hogging our laptop if I don't bring it to my brother quick enough when he wants to use it, accuses me of not really wanting to spend time with my brother when I sometimes show any hesitance to play a video game for him (he can't play games) and various things along those lines. Sometimes I feel like maybe I deserve it, since I'm not always very present or available. But at the same time, it's hurtful getting accused by someone of things that you don't actually think or feel, just because it's how they see it.

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  • My mother is similar to this. I don’t think this necessarily means she is a bully. For my mother, she is lonely and feels that people don’t care about her enough. This is partly because she wants the attention on her but also because she is very insecure. Ultimately, there is nothing I can do to change her behavior. It is really her problem.

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  • This is just normal family stuff. You should try to lay off the computer more you'll be happier if you actually spend time with people. If you spend too much time on the computer you could develope social anxiety because you stay away from people and get your little dopamine kicks from internet instead of conversations

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  • I agree with Dcarvel7 and 1WeirdGuy. But don't feel bad anon. It's how your mother is craving for your attention. You should try and act like your past self (I mean when you wear like kids when technology wasn't dominating) to see if she just misses having you around.

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