Could i be bisexual?

So if I were truly free to do whatever I want, I would've simply identified as gay, but unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. My family and my community have a moral and religious background that forbids homosexuality. Furthermore, I want to be a devout man, and I'd like to have as "normal" a life as possible. I love my family, my culture, and my religion, and I feel that my sexuality is jeopardizing my status in all of the above.
Now, I am sexually attracted to other men, and I could imagine being in a romantic relationship with a guy too (under different circumstances, that is). With women... I feel ambivalent to the prospect of anything beyond a platonic love relationship/friendship.
Just to be exact, I AM NOT HOMOPHOBIC. I publicly call for LGBT rights (among others) in my community, despite the fact that I'm concealing my identity from everyone. I'm struggling with an internal moral conflict, whereby it seems that there will come an ultimatum when I will have to choose between a partner whom I feel truly attracted to, and a family.

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  • I was in the same position you are in at one point. Just for credibility purposes, I am 17 years old, and I am a Pansexual boy. Pansexual is like bisexual in that you can like both boys and girls, but is slightly different because Pansexual also includes "others". you will have to come to an ultimatum, and when that time comes, you will know what to do. For me, I had to realize that I had to live for me, not for the expectations others hold me to. God made you this way, embrace it.

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  • I feel like should charge u after reading this. You will be fine.

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  • no ur just very horney

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    • I think so too. Cuz i feel the same way OP does, and im like...... ALWAYS HORNY.

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  • The bottom line is Physical vs. Spiritual. Which one do you want more and then go for it and either way, live the choice with gusto.

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  • I'm sorry you are going through this. As I've never been in this situation you don't need to take my advice. I feel like you would be happier in life if you are true to yourself and come out. You may regret not coming out later if you have a family with a woman and feel trapped. Life was made for living, don't do it half assed. Your family may be more understanding than you think.

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