Coughed so hard that I vomited IIN

I vomited in my coat. The cough made me gag so hard.

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  • Quite unusual, normally when I cough very hard I defecate slightly in my underpants!

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    • thank you for your polite, understanding and helpful answer. you have made the world a better place.

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  • Was there any blood? I do a lot of throwing up blood and stomach acid when I catch a coughing fit. If there's no blood it's probably still normal, if it happens again ya might want to worry, but I'd say you're fine.

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  • Happened to me when I was little... sometimes shit happens you know... Completely normal

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  • Could be the valve in your stomach like stated above, people with acid reflux have issues with that so that could be it. Are you smoking pot? Lol the only time I have ever coughed until I got sick is after I hit some good ass weed.

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  • You got the consumption.

    See a doctor, idiot.

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