Constantly comparing my weight to my boyfriend's sisters?

Is this normal? They're much smaller than me and wear size 2 I wear size 12 so whenever I'm hanging out with them I feel like a giant blob of fat and constantly compare my arms, legs, belly etc to theirs.

They're so tiny. I'm average height 5'3ish and they're like 5'2 but they're small framed and are around 100 pounds. When we shop for clothes it's the worst I actually feel disgusted so I let them shop while I pretend to shop and say I'm not interested in anything there or I'm saving my money.

Also they wear see thru shirts because they're so petite and tiny chested and no one thinks they're being sexual and I can't even go without a bra without people calling me slut because I have near D cups.

They also wear crop tops I can't because I have a chunky belly theirs is flat. They eat more than me too. I'll spend the day at their place and they'll eat like pigs and I'll not snack and just have regular meals same exact as theirs and yet I'm chunky. They were always skinny too. Photos of them younger they're the smallest in their class photos :( and in my class photos as a teen I was one of the biggest. I have hypothyroidism but I can't afford the medication so I just try to eat as healthy as I can but I can't seem to be as skinny as them so decided I'm going to drop food and just fast I can't cope in their presence I lose my mind :/

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  • You sound hotter than they are, physically speaking. But, that's just me. Slutty, chubby chicks with ample T&A have always been my type. So I guess my recommendation would be: be you. Don't be them, be you.

    Now, if it's too hard to be you around people who are too much unlike you, then hang with chicks who are more like you and you'll feel comfortable in your skin again.

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  • It's not healthy for you to compare yourself to them. Ya'll are different people, if you looked like his sisters your boyfriend probably wouldn't be into you.

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  • I've noticed this a lot with women. Skinny women think they're curvy, curvy women think they're a little chubby, chubby women think they're fat, fat women think they're morbidly obese, and morbidly obese women think they're fucking supermodels...

    A size 12 is a healthy dress size. Being a size 2 can sometimes indicate health deficiencies like anorexia, or it could mean a severely overactive thyroid.

    Either way, don't sweat it over being a size 12. The fact remains you are already your boyfriend's type as you are, and if you were freakishly skinny there's a chance you wouldn't be. Embrace the curves!

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  • You can lose weight easier than you think

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  • Well you literally just said you had a medical condition where it’s hard to lose weight, so you’re being extremely hard over yourself for something you can’t control. Talk to your boyfriend or someone you trust about it and discuss why you feel this way.

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