Constant headache

I started a new internship 2 weeks really like it and already have job offer but on the second day I started getting a headache. It really broke out into a migraine on Saturday and on Sunday I was all dizzy and weird. Still went to internship on Monday last week but the bus ride was awful, bus rides are a migraine trigger for me with varying degrees of how it affects me depending on things I dont know I have no idea how it works actually. I stayed my whole shift then called in sick rest of the week and im still not well. I was well yesterday Saturday then today horrible headache and earlier today so unsteady it felt like the ground I walked on was leaning at all times and I feel motion sick nausea in my stomach. Feels like im in a moving veichle at all times, pretty much. I cant call in sick for a second week when ive only been there 1 week they will assume im not interested and ive been unemployed for too many years to risk that not to mention ive never even been near a workplace that offers me so many opportunities you see im an artsy person and this workplace is very cultural and one woman I work with is an artist and shes gotten to where she is now a lot thanks to that workplace so im pretty lucky as you hear but I feel a lot of pressure. My luck is turning in my life but its a lot of pressure too because its very sudden and its a lot for example I have social phobia so I feel extra big tricky pressure to make a good impression... And now I have this horrible headache its very bad and I know I suffer with migraine because in the past I experienced 2 big visual auras but ive never been evaulated or anything. Last time I had headache everyday for a long time (2 months daily that time) was 2020 and eventually I went to a doctor and he literally told me to drink more water and that was it. I was like umm okay??Like I drink water but okay??? and he was like well I dont know you have to drink more... And that was it!! And last fall I had the worst headache of my life I was urged to go the ER and I didnt wanna sit there anymore when I had been there 5 hours but the nurses DIDNT LET ME go home and said I need an MRI yet when the doctor came he said "you have a migraine" and sent me home!! Nothing more!
I no longer see the point in seeing a doctor for this!! There has been other times too ever since high school (I am in my late 20s now) and everytime I get bad reception never taken seriously! "Its just a headache, take aspirins" they say! As if I can take aspirins all the time without side effects! Not possible!

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  • Try migraine meds. Preventatives( these prevent migraines from occurring), plus abortives( used to abort a migraine if they occur).
    See a neurologist, they can prescribe these meds.
    Or go on disability and live on welfare.

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  • Why don't you see a neurologist? The two best medicines I've tried for headaches are lisinopril and a steroid like Prednisone or Dexamethasone. But only use those under a doctor's advice.

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    • I guess its expensive and that i'd need referral and the health centre is constantly booked up. Im not sure how it works. I have bad experience from doctors not listening to me

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