Constant feeling of failure

I’m being discharged from the service before my two year mark, not because of anything I did. It was a medical condition that slipped past the screeners and didn’t become a problem until now.
I don’t deserve any kind of praise for my service, my brothers and sisters I work with had to actually experience hell and I had to be dragged from the doorstep because of something I could not control.
I have constant feelings of absolute failure because I couldn’t even make it to the two year mark not even half my contract. Any tips?

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  • At least you gave it a shot to being in the service. Most people do not even think of signing up so even if you were not able to complete your obligation, at least you tried.

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  • You cannot control every decision in life. If you had it within your power it sounds as if you would stay. Just because we did not finish something does not equal failure. You provided as much as you could, with a willingness to do more, but the people in charge said no. Its ok.

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  • Its not your fault.

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  • You’re not a failure, even if it feels like you are, you’re not. You were willing to serve, but unfortunately, that’s not how your story ends. Doesn’t mean your a failure, just means that’s not the road for you.

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  • You did everything you could. This is what was meant to happen; for some reason you were supposed to be there for that amount of time. You touched others' lives, and they touched your life, and you learned things you wouldn't have known otherwise. Now onward to the next place where you are needed.

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