Constant fear of being constantly watched

Is it normal to be in constant fear of being constantly watched. I always feel like I'm on a live TV show like the movie "The Truman Show." I keep on thinking that my parents always watch me with hidden cameras around my house. And because of this, I'm scared of doing things alone. I even sometimes check the room I'm in for cameras.

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  • You're not keeping a state secret with you that you'll be scared... And you're not doing something illegal. If they're watching, then let them watch. They haven't done anything to you. So where's the problem?

    Edit: don't listen to me. I have this weird thing... This is what I fantasize: I always think that my family keeps an eye on me. Whatever I'm doing in my thoughts I always make sure the whole world is watching. Like after 100 years since I did something the humans have invented a machine that can show you what happened long ago and everyone is watching what I did. Sometimes I think I'm such a famous person that everyone wants to know my life story. And sometimes I even think I am the inventor of it. I don't know why I can't think I'm doing something without my parents knowing about it. Maybe because I know that they'll be proud of whatever I'm doing all the time. And I will act as if I don't know about it (in the plot of my thoughts, I actually don't know about it) and behave pretty normally in front of them as if nothing happened. And then I'll be surprised to know that they got to know about something somehow.

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  • Have you ever been stalked? Did you mom go through your stuff all the time?

    Do you ever hallucinate, or hear voices?

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  • Even if they were, why care.

    If you want to watch the shit I do go ahead. Because you, I guarantee it, don’t mean shit to me.

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  • A while back I was at work my wife home alone in the middle of the night she heard a video start playing on a phone and it quickly stopped. I tried to come home and play a video in different locations to see if it sounded familiar. When I went outside and played the video right outside the window she said thats exactly what it sounded like.

    Im assuming someone was staring in the window from outside and accidentally made a video start playing on his phone and quickly turned it off. Theres literally no other explanation.

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