Confession about my period

When I take my tampon out, I wash it in the sink to gaze at all the blood come out of it. It’s nice to look at.

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  • I dont blame you.

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  • Washing a used tampon in the sink may not be the most hygienic way of disposing it, it is recommended to wrap it in toilet paper or a sanitary pad and dispose it in a trash can.

    If you find that you have an intense fascination with menstrual blood, it may be worth talking to a therapist or counselor to understand why you feel that way. They may be able to help you understand your feelings and find ways to cope with them in a healthy way.
    It's also important to remember that everyone's menstrual experience is different and it's important to respect and honor your own experience.

    If your fascination with menstrual blood is causing distress or is affecting your daily life, it's important to reach out for professional help.

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  • I wanna have sex with a guy on my period.

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  • You have an artistic mind. You could paint a picture (with actual paint - watercolour would be good) inspired by the pattern of the blood.

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  • it's fine to admire your own period blood, but don't start worshiping or ingesting it as if it has some kind of magical properties like some psycho feminists do

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  • A GF and I went down on each other on our periods. Not a big deal, actually kind of funny

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