College is making me miserable

College is making me miserable right now and I have no idea what to do.

A little background for you all. I am 21 and currently work full time for a corrugation plant in the pre-press section. It pays well (about 45 annual, before taxes) but the hours are killer when trying to balance them with school (currently full time in school). I usually work about 50-65hrs a week and with this it is hard to fit in school. I've been in college for 3 years now and every week seems longer and more miserable because of school. Whenever I'm at work I love it, I feel like I have purpose and the long hours don't phase me because I like what I'm doing. My only concern is school... is a degree really that important? Is it really worth all these hours of sleep I'm losing? I have become so stressed I cannot sleep at night. It becomes inconceivable that I have to learn so much useless information (general ed).

I'm still taking general ed because of some semesters I decided to go part time, due to work. Also I must note that currently I am the head of household (mother disabled, sibling in college but does not work full time) so my income is essential to our survival therefore working less is not an option.

What do I do if school is making me lose sleep and making me miserable?

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  • Stick it out if you've been there 3 yrs. You're almost done so finish and move on. You'll be happy you finished. It's a big accomplishment since you've been working full time too. Many people cant do that

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  • Is it normal that I dont know what a corrugation plant is, or what pre-press is?

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    • "Corrugation" or "corrugated fiber" is the proper term for the material used to make boxes. when you look at a board used to make boxes, the woven piece inside (flute) is what makes it corrugated. Pre-press has everything to do before the manufacturing process of a box, in this case, proper staging, maintenance, and storage of print plates, and cutting dies.

      I wouldn't expect anyone to know that off the top of their head unless they watched some "how it's made" video or worked in the industry. So yes it's normal haha

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  • College isn't necessary for many people. If you like your job, and see yourself working there in the future, I'd say look into the requirements for a manager/higher position there. See if they require a college degree or not.

    Good on you for handling so much responsibility at a young age.

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  • I have seen so many college grads that had a useless education. They would have done much better going to a trade school. Stay with your job. At your age you should get better positions as time goes by. Use college to advance your education in the job you have.

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