Climate change excuse for population control

I just read a few sources that say that one cow produces more carbon emissions than one vehicle. Many politicians and billionaires in the world economic forum continue to say we need to reduce our population to save the world. According to them the only way we can reduce the population of us is to ridthese horrid carbon producing creatures that destroy our precious planet. Our politicians have proven to love this planet and ALWAYS have our best interests at heart.

Do you think climate change will ever be used as an excuse for population control here in the west? Ive been also hearing them push this stuff about "how healthy bugs are" too. Saw some bug protein at GNC the other day. Maybe they will just let us live as long as we only eat bugs?? Or go vegan?...

It is hard to predict the future nowadays. Weird times we are living in....

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  • I did not understand a bit of this. But as far as climate change and population control, I can tell you staight up that I, as a woman, will not be having any children BECAUSE of climate change. Not because I am told not to by anyone, but because we are currently witnessing the devistating effects of the changing climate already. Since the scientists say it will just get worse from here, and since I am an avid believer in science and listen to what they are saying, I have made the upleasant decision to not reproduce. So technically climate change is changing the future population in that way, since I am definatly not the only person with those concerns.

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    • Does it matter to you that the scientists made climate predictions that were very wrong in the past? For example the US navy and also Nasa said in the early 2000s that the ice caps would be 100% melted? Its obvious due to these failed predictions that we dont know how much carbon emissions are actually heating up the earth.

      According to scientists we do know even if all humans were gone tomorrow that climate change wont stop. But if we are gone we will slow it down they say (but they obviously dont know how much). This is because the climate also changes naturally.

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  • Of course it is.

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