Chinas takeover

What the USA needs right now to maintain the worlds biggest superpower and keep its influence over the world it needs to have a stronger leader. For example China is now making serious moves on Taiwan and I believe this is because the president of the USA is far too predictable. If you listen to the Chinese ambassadors they talk tough. They say no one will stop them from achieving their goals. You listen to the USA and we are saying "its up to Taiwan".

Sometimes you dont need to go to war in these situations you just need abit of bravado for example send thousands of US troops to be stationed in Taiwan and tell China that we will also look after our interests. They will not invade Taiwan with American troops there because China and the US depend on eachother far too much still. We look far too weak.

If you look at China they are investing heavily in themselves. The US leaders on the other hand are milking the states dry. Theres no long term plan for the US anymore its just about manufacturing anywhere that is cheap regardless of the long term implications. No one here seems to care about the future of the US and I sometimes think the culture war is purposefully driven to divide us and weaken us more. All these corporations do business in china and manufacture there, china has major influence on lobbying in the USA.

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  • Taiwan is really none of our business. It belonged to China before, and I don't have a problem with it returning to it at some point.

    Economically, the future of wealth and military advantage isn't in manufacturing but technology, especially around things like 5G and AI. And that's where we need to keep a watchful eye.

    With all of that said, China has two things going against it: 1) It has very few allies around the world while the US has many. So it's more likely to find itself alone if things get heated. 2) Its birth rates are really low and the country is starting to shrink demographically while the US is still growing.

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    • It did not belong to modern China before. The country split into 2 parts.

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    • But Taiwan makes the majority of the computer chips for the world. If China takes Taiwan we are dependent on China not only for basically all our other goods but all of our computers as well. China is making the world completely depend on them for everything. They dont have many friends but they get influence through countries needing them for their economies to stay afloat.

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    • Tiawan is the last bastion of democracy as China no foreign influence there, home grown democracy. Its chinese people who fought for democracy and for the last 80 or so years the communist party has been trying to snuff that flame.

      Geopolitically the Taiwan strait is an extremely valuable water way. If one were to idk want to go to war with china having a convenient island and waterway like that under your control is a very powerful position.

      Tiawan has fortified all beaches that could be invaded and an invasion fleet takes 3 hours from mainland to those beaches. Taiwan has to hold out until the allies (pretty much every country that doesnt like to be bullied by chinese policies) can reach them and provide support.

      Diplomatically no one has ties with taiwan because that would cause instant war if that was the case. So most countries have an under the table relationship with tiawan because they are just as important of a country to have relations as china. At least taiwan wont try to steal your tech.

      It's in the free worlds best intrest to keep taiwan from china.

      In fact I think war planners around the world are thankful china wants to play the invasion card. That gives us defenders a better position for who's the good guy game. The aggressive state or the countries wanting to keep a sovereign nation it's right to independence from a country that's been practically chanting of its genocide and conquest.

      With a war like that we could bend china into an even weaker state before it can gets its navy up to a real threat level. Knock it down a few pegs on the superpower status. Plus probably take down its south china sea holdings.

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      • I agreee with all that. I dont see war with china likely at all because it would destroy both economies. The US manufactures there and China uses the US to stay afloat also. The USA has built China into the superpower it is. We just need to show strength here like China is doing. I dont like how the US politicians seem to be walking around with their tail between their legs when it comes to Taiwan. Should put troops on the ground and say Taiwan has invited us there to ensure sovereignty. China is not gonna invade Taiwan with US troops there. They look after their interests too much to do that.
        Did you hear the interview by Chinas ambassador with Australia?

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    • Taiwan never belonged to China though Hong Kong did

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      • Well technically that's where the pro democracy chinese fled to when china got taken over by the communist party. The reason why tiawan isnt concidered a seperate country is that china would instantly declare war upon that declaration.

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  • There's no question here...

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  • China has been interested in Taiwan for many US Presidents; and their main interest right now is controlling the oceans around China to better control that part of the world.

    What is currently happening in that area started at least a decade ago (and perhaps 15 years ago) when China started to claim territory that is also claimed by others and when China started to challenge international boundaries and standards. This has nothing to do with President Biden - and he is responding stronger than your post indicates. It has to do with it took China this long to build up their Navy and Air Force to be able to actively challenge away from their immediate coast.

    The USA and other countries are actively engaged in military activities in that area at the highest rate since WW II to let China know that the their plans are not going unchallenged. The USA and UK have just announced plans to sell nuclear powered submarines to Australia to counter China's Navy in that part of the world.

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